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Author: Anna Neretina

17 services for marketers and SMM managers: an opportunity to save money on Black Friday 2020

Black Friday helps saving money on useful services. We have analyzed past promotions and made a selection of companies that can offer discounts this year.

Author: Damir Khalilov

TOP 3 new Instagram stories formats

In recent years, Stories have grown incredibly, and now the phrase “Stories First” sounds more and more often. Stories are becoming the most suitable format of representation on social networks. In this regard, things are changing: 80% of users watch stories more often than they read posts.

Author: Elena Rabkina

Social Media Marketing Tools that will give you competitive advantages in 2021

Do you feel it is time to improve your social network marketing skills? Then why not start now? To implement an efficient Social Media Marketing Strategy and constantly improve metrics, you need to find the most useful tools.

Author: Maxim Chernov

How to earn money on YouTube without a channel

You might think: “Yeah, YouTube is great, but I don’t want to be another face there, I am not interested in becoming a blogger or an expert, I don’t want to entertain anyone on YouTube, but I still want to earn money there. Does the platform have anything to offer for me in this case?”

Author: Elena Rabkina

YouTube Video Channel: Ultimate Starting Guide for Beginners

Lately, views on the YouTube service have increased by 30%, according to the speakers of Yoola Influencer’s Data. The reason for it is the pandemic that resulted in the lockdown and shift to remote work.

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Author: Damir Khalilov

Instagram bloggers' advertising: how to choose and handle formats

Buying bloggers' advertising is one of the most common ways of promotion. Popular Instagram bloggers usually schedule their advertising posts 2-3 months ahead. They have such posts every day.

Author: Maxim Chernov

How to style your Instagram profile

Let’s start not with technical but strategical issues. Before you start creating the bio, think of who you are. It is necessary to be sure about the field you are an expert in.

Author: Maxim Chernov

How to promote on Instagram with the help of giveaways

There is an organizer and a media person who announce something like this: "Follow all the 100 pages I am following, and then you will stand a good chance winning an iPhone, Mercedes, etc."

Author: Damir Khalilov

8 tips for writing good texts on social networks

Use your visual perception. It is a curious technique. Every time you start writing, find an object to look at. It can be a wall, a piece of furniture, a book, or something else.

Author: Maxim Chernov

How to create a YouTube channel: Beginner’s guide

If you think that YouTube is all about making videos from time to time lying on the couch and doing nothing else – then you are completely wrong.