Facebook and Instagram news digest: May 2019

Facebook used people instead of AI, Facebook will be sharing their video advertising income with users, and there are 4 questions on Instagram QUIZ now.

Facebook F8: a short summary for those who have missed it

April 30 – May 1, 2019, Facebook held the F8 annual conference. The changes which Mark Zuckerberg announced was a great surprise to everyone, both for those whose job relates to SMM and common users who had chosen Facebook to communicate.

Facebook and Instagram event digest: April 2019

April 1 - The announcement of the Why am I seeing this post? feature on Facebook April 1 - Law cases April 5 - Facebook announced disabling 7 advertising metrics. The changes will take effect on April 30, 2019 April 11 - …

Reflecting on global issues: how blogs and social media changes in 2019

If you still have not managed to reflect on how blogs and social media are changing, let’s do it together. Are there any changes at all? Oh yes, there are. They are smooth and gradual, and we can even call them evolving.

Facebook against sex

Today on our blog we have some very important information to share, which will make some of you feel sad. Our beloved Facebook has cracked down on sexual harassment and renewed the related section of its Policy. Now you can discuss all issues related to sexual harassment and violation but you cannot post anything which may spur to sexual relations.

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Instagram today: demographic data

This article is useful for all who want to boost their Instagram organic reach or just prepare an advertising campaign. It is time to clarify what kind of people use this social network today. If you understand the demographic situation, you will also understand how to deal with these users, what they are interested in, and what content is the best for them. Literally: “Upgrade your page and make it more successful”.

7 Instagram updates of this summer you should know about

The summer has not ended yet, but the number of Instagram novelties is already making us happy with its diversity. This time we come to business without further ado: we have a lot to discuss.

Instagram Archive

In May, 2017 Instagram announced a new feature called Archive. Archive is an Instagram virtual folder to which you can move your photos. The moved photos become unavailable to your followers but will be saved.

Instagram in the future — 7 trends

Predicting future might not be the best thing to do on social nets and media resources, but anyway, we’ll try.

Gallery and new analytics

Instagram presented two new features in February 2017. Now all the users can upload up to 10 pieces of content in one post and view the advanced analytics right in the app.

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