Facebook F8: a short summary for those who have missed it

April 30 – May 1, 2019, Facebook held the F8 annual conference. The changes which Mark Zuckerberg announced was a great surprise to everyone, both for those whose job relates to SMM and common users who had chosen Facebook to communicate.

Popular Live streaming services review

Social media users read texts less and less willingly, meanwhile video content is becoming more and more popular. After Instagram launched IGTV and the Twitch platform started to develop intensively, community managers and vloggers started using Live streaming management services actively.

Facebook and Instagram event digest: April 2019

April 1 - The announcement of the Why am I seeing this post? feature on Facebook April 1 - Law cases April 5 - Facebook announced disabling 7 advertising metrics. The changes will take effect on April 30, 2019 April 11 - …

Facebook Lifehacks for newbies

9 simple ways which will make your virtual life much better.

All in one. Why you can stay online on Facebook forever

Facebook is created for virtual communication but how convenient it is to work there! It is a real treasury for businesspeople (especially for those who understand the power of human communication and the speed of social media).

Onlypult — one control panel
for social media
Hashtags for leaders

Popular hashtags of 2019 will help you be on top on Instagram this spring. Use them to caption your posts and go to the top of the feed as fast as a rocket!

Reflecting on global issues: how blogs and social media changes in 2019

If you still have not managed to reflect on how blogs and social media are changing, let’s do it together. Are there any changes at all? Oh yes, there are. They are smooth and gradual, and we can even call them evolving.

10 social media benefits for relationships

Due to social media, it is much easier to meet people now. Grandfathers and grandmothers of the 21st century will be talking to their grandchildren like this, their eyes filled with tears of nostalgia: — How did you meet? — Oh, it was romantic. He/she gave me a like and that all started!

How to live stream for the first time if you are an introvert

First, let’s sort out why live streaming on social media is profitable because we want to inspire you as much as possible to try it.

The right selfie

Making quick and nice selfies is the number one skill. It may be very helpful when you are, for example, suddenly awaken in the middle of the night to make a selfie. Even in this case you are still ready to make a post, caption it with cute and funny hashtags and publish. How can you learn to do it?

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