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How to work with Planner?


To start working, switch to Planner tab in Posting. You are going to see a convenient and simple weekly schedule planning screen.

Schedule creating

To create the schedule for your future posts:

  1. Press “+” in the desired time grid.
  2. Press “Add time” and pick the publishing time.

The blue numbers show how many posts are planned and how many slots are available for each day. If you click one you can see the exact publishing times in that period.

Once your schedule is finished, press “Add posts” for the posts uploading:

Adding posts

Upload all the images and then press “Next step”:

Important: You can do a multiple upload and make a gallery only with the images of jpeg, jpg, png format. To upload a video – please, use a single video at a time.

The next step allows you to add text to the posts, as well as a first comment, hashtags and geo tags.

Notice that you can create text for your posts and the first comments not only for each post separately, but also using the General Description and General First Comment functions – it will be copied into all the posts.

The date and time for all the posts is set automatically, according to the time grid that you have created in the previous step.

You can drag the post up or down, and its publishing time will be changed too. Once you have specified all the details, press “Save”:

Awesome! You and your posts are just wonderful!

If you are going to need to add content to a certain time slot in the schedule, just press “+”, pick a time spot and add an image or a video.

You can find all the posts that are made with Planner not only in the Calendar, but also in your feed with scheduled posts. All the planner posts are marked with an appropriate icon and also there is a convenient filter that allows you to choose which posts to view.

Post editing

Important: It is not possible to edit the time of a post that is created and saved in Planner – a post is then strictly bound to a certain time slot and cannot be amended. If you need to change the time of a post, just delete it and create it again right here or via Scheduled Posts (this way you are not bound to the strict time slot scheme).

To edit the post content, press the “Edit” button next to the post:

What next?

Enjoy your automated scheduled posts. Here are some hints in case if you need to change anything:

  1. To add multiple posts, press “Add posts”.
  2. To set the Planner schedule, press the Planner settings button.
  3. To switch between view modes, press week/month switch.
  4. The slots that are marked blue, can be filled with additional posts.
  5. The greyed out slots are full and do not have any more space for additional posts.