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Plan changes

You are not locked into the plan you once have selected. You can change it to a higher or a lower one: If you would like to change to a lower plan (i.e. change to START from SMM), you can wait until your paid period expires and then pick your new plan with your next payment. If you need your plan to be changed instantly and you cannot wait at all, please write to our support team.

You can change to a higher plan at any time (like, from SMM to AGENCY). Just go to the Plans page, pick the plan and the system will calculate the difference so you do not overpay. This plan change happens in two steps. First, you pay the difference until the end of your already paid time period, and then once your new plan is activated you can extend it. Example: Your current plan, START, is active until January 15th 2017 and today is January 1st, 2017. You choose a higher SMM plan and your first payment will be for switching to SMM until January 15th 2017. That means, that after you have paid, your plan will change to SMM, but will be still active until the 15th of January. With your next step, you can extend your new SMM plan for a month, 6 months or a year.