Using a proxy server

Why you need a proxy server

You do not have to use a proxy server if you do not have reasons for it – everything will work perfectly.

We strongly recommend you to work with a proxy if you use not just Onlypult but also other services, for example, to automate any kind of work with Instagram. In this case, it is important for you to use the same IP addresses, this is exactly what you need proxies for.

But again, if you use just Onlypult, using a proxy is not required.

How to connect to a proxy server

To connect to a proxy server, you need to go to the Instagram account settings and add the information to the Proxy Settings section and then press Save. If the proxy server checking is successful, it will be saved and all your posts will be published with the indicated IP address.

Important: the login and password are related to the server and are given to you by the provider. They are not the same data that you use to login to an Onlypult or Instagram account.

You can set a separate server for each Instagram account as well as you can use the same server for all of them – it will not affect your work anyhow.

Important point: it is necessary to use individual proxies, others are not appropriate. We strongly recommend you not to think about buying 1000 proxies for за 10$ or obtaining them for free. Such proxies are used by many people simultaneously and if you use them, your account is at high risk of being banned. And you are the only person to use your own individual proxies.

Proxy technical characteristics: http/https, IPv4. Only login-password authentication is allowed.