Social media listening

Find out what people think about your brand, industry, or competitors. Figure out how healthy your brand is and improve your marketing strategy.

Identify which of the thousands of conversations that are happening on social media are important.
Extract useful data and seamlessly integrate it into your marketing strategies.

  • Protect your reputation – Don’t want to go viral for the wrong reasons? Stay alert and respond quickly to any bad signs.
  • Improve customer satisfaction — Gather information on customer sentiment, see what they’re missing in the current market, and translate this into a better service.
  • Monitor Twitter, Instagram & Facebook — Get an understanding of what your audience discusses on major social platforms.

What Is Social Media Listening?

Social media listening is the process of tracking social media platforms for trends and conversations related to your brand. Here, you do not only analyze brand mentions, but you also look at discussions surrounding your product or service.

Here are four excellent arguments on why you need social media listening.

Find Valuable Data

You can’t optimize your content when you're not aware of the customer’s opinion. However, the Internet is such an overwhelmingly large place that you'll need our tools to automate the process. Get the right information in the shortest amount of time possible.

Find Valuable Data

Turn Data into Insights

Don’t waste hours of your time getting lost in your data. We make sure that any data regarding customer’s needs or behavior is accessible and easy to understand. Then, turn the data into insightful recommendations for practical use.

Turn Data into Insights

Upgrade Your Strategy

When you search for specific keywords, topics, competitors, or industries, you can build a database using this data. After you gather this data, you will see themes emerging. Use key themes that help spark new ideas to improve your marketing strategies.

Upgrade Your Strategy

Overtake Competitors

One of the great benefits of using media monitoring is the ease of obtaining reports analyzing your competitors. Identify areas for improvement — whether it’s to do with content, account performance, or SEO — and do it better than them.

Overtake Competitors


What Measurements Are Used in Social Listening?

Social listening uses a variety of metrics, including the number of fans of a brand or mentions of it, the engagement rates with a variety of posts, likes, comments, the number of discussions about it, etc.

How Do You Conduct Social Listening?

Set your initial goals, choose your sources, improve your products, measure changes in customer opinion, and compare the information to your goals. All of this can be done automatically with Onlypult.

Why Is Social Listening Important?

It gives you information about your target audience and industry, your potential leads, the top influencers, any potential brand ambassadors, customer feedback, what customers want, and a lot more. All of this is crucial for making products and services better.

What Is the Difference Between Social Listening and Social Monitoring?

Social monitoring is concerned with direct brand mentions – namely, identifying and responding to them. Social listening is a broader concept focused on analyzing findings, creating strategies, and taking action.