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Your social media helper

A single platform for scheduling posts and analytics for Instagram, other social media, blogs, and messengers

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Instagram and Facebook capabilities

Onlypult saves you time!

One control panel for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, TikTok, Tumblr, WordPress, Telegram, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Pinterest, Medium

Different post view types

Each view type has its own advantages of viewing, editing, and bulk actions

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Posting automation

Auto posting of scheduled publications to all supported social networks, blogs, and messengers. The number of scheduled posts is unlimited

Auto posting

Posting right now or at a specific time. Set time quickly using specific periods or Planner.

Posting time scheduling

Setting scheduled post deletion after a specified period of time (the feature is available only for particular social networks).

Post auto deletion

Save posts to Drafts to get back to them later, and edit or copy them to post on another social media account


Posting capabilities

Publishing up to 20 posts to a social media account at once and creating posts by drag-n-dropping them from PC.


Posting to multiple social media platform accounts at once


With joint capabilities of multiposting and crossposting, you can choose practically from an endless number of scheduling options


Publish posts according to the preset schedule and group content based on advertising campaigns


Switching between social media accounts right in the posts form allows adjusting your content to every social network.

Adjusting posts to various social networks
Adjusting posts to various social networks

Working with media

Advanced editor with various features to create unique posts and stories

Photo editor

Up-to-date video editor that supports various video formats, has the trimming and framing feature, and provides cover selection

Video editor

Adding a watermark automatically to your content to protect your copyright when posting to social media


Use a large library with free content from various photo stocks

Stock media library
Stock media library


Build your work with colleagues and clients within the single Onlypult space to get better results

Assigning roles

Invite your employees to manage accounts. Give your SMM managers access to posts without any password.

Agreeing on posts

Choose team members to approve the post before publishing. Team members with the right to comment can discuss the post right in the process

Team activity journal

Tracking all your team’s actions with posts when collaborating. Tracking time when team members are on Onlypult

Share links to posts and the calendar

Create links to posts and the content calendar and share them with your colleagues and clients


Interaction with the team. Comment on scheduled posts and share opinions


Manage several accounts

Manage several accounts from one window simultaneously. Forget about logging in over and over again

Post filtering

Use post filtering by content types, labels, and Planner slots

Social media limit checking

Checking social media limits before posting and adjusting content to social network formats automatically

Hashtag library

Large preset hashtag library and saving your hashtags to sets

Notification center

Notifications about important events on the Dashboard and via e-mail

Account grouping

Group your social media accounts and customize the view to arrange your workspace

Colored labels

Create colored labels and add them to your posts to simplify sorting and see what posts get published during the day, week, and month

Making content with AI

Use the power of artificial intelligence to create hashtags and post captions

Best time to post on Instagram

Learn what days and time are the best to post on Instagram to boost your audience’s engagement as much as possible

Post templates

Save post descriptions and hashtags to your library

Repetitive posts

Set repetitive posts for a period of time to strengthen your content on social media

Importing posts from charts

Add multiple posts as a single file at once

What our customers say about us

First and foremost, reliability: in 3 years, we never had a non-published post on our Instagram with OnlyPult. But also the simplicity of the interface, to schedule and to analyse data.
Betsy Martinoty
Vie & Véranda, Digital marketing officer
Nice job and nice development in the last years! I can manage many different accounts at the same time. Plan and edit Instagram Postings. As well as long preparation of postings to build up a community.
Henrik Steiert
Foodguide App UG, Software Developer
A user-friendly post scheduler! A great product, really. Good job!
Chingis Balbarov
WWF, SMM Editor
We have been using Onlypult for 2 years. We can use multiple accounts and it has been easier than other products.
Alan Angular
Windermere, Social Media Manager

Manage your social media accounts from your smartphone

Our mobile app is available on iOS and Android. There you can manage all social media accounts, create and edit posts, interact with your team, etc

Solutions for everyone

Use Onlypult to interact with your clients where they spend most of their time — on social media. Reply to comments, share important news, and send messages

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Simplify your daily routine with Onlypult. A post scheduler, hashtag selection, calculating analytics metrics automatically, publishing multiple posts to several social media accounts, adjusting content, and post preview.

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Support your clients' business using all Onlypult capabilities. Guest access for your customer’s representatives, agreeing on posts, advanced analytics with branded reports

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Save your employees' time for vital issues with Onlypult. Our SMM tools will allow you to schedule posts and manage content on the desktop version and from your smartphone

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Monitor the social media activity of your marketing specialists with Onlypult. One control panel for all your social media accounts to manage them without limitation.

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