Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Fast & easy management of multiple social media accounts in one dashboard


Manage multiple social media accounts — Stay in charge of up to 40 social media accounts in one convenient interface. Segment followers and audiences to focus on certain topics for better engagement. And our job is to help you accomplish this effortlessly.

Collaborate with your team — Group several accounts and allow managers to publish posts without granting full access to your profiles. Increase the efficiency of each team member by sharing updates about posts and entire feeds.

Save your time — Are you tired of numerous tabs and getting mixed up in your accounts? In just a few clicks, you can manage social media activity with noticeably less effort. As a result, you can spend more time on other important tasks.

Target Audience

  • Brands/companies with multiple social media accounts — Don’t waste time constantly switching between different profiles; consolidate everything into one place.
  • Companies with a multi-brand portfolio — How do you align all accounts with the organization’s brand position? Separate them into groups in a single interface for easy management.
  • Agencies — Divide your own accounts and clients into folders and attend to each one with full concentration.
  • Media platforms — Talk to different audiences, under one umbrella account, or even many smaller ones.
  • Mass media sources — Create dashboards to monitor and view your social accounts without any confusion.

Maintain your social media presence with confidence and ease!


Why Have Multiple Social Media Accounts?

Multiple channels help brands adjust their messages to each platform. Also, it lifts the limitations of the kind of mediums you can use, as well as the audience you can reach.

How Do I Manage Someone Else's Social Media Accounts?

Add social media profiles to an automated dashboard, generate fresh content for each social account, schedule posts, and engage with the audience.

How Do I Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts?

Onlypult gives you access to everything from one location. So, add as many as 40 social accounts to the dashboard and enjoy!

How to post to all social media at once

Add new accounts from the list of our supported social networks and always stay logged in. Switch between accounts whenever needed.