Product Updates

2 min read

What's new in the Publishing tool

Some pleasant additions to the Publishing tool you'll definitely like.

2 min read

Shopping tags for stores via Onlypult

Shopping tags are available on our platform, and you can schedule a post and immediately tag a product in a photo or video.

2 min read

LinkedIn analytics, increasing the size of video files, and Facebook stories

We have launched Analytics for LinkedIn. It is one of the most awaited tools to help track page and group stats.

1 min read

New Publishing features

We are expanding the platform capabilities and adding new features to the existing tools. But first things first. LinkedIn Choosing a Video Cover. Add a cover to your video. To do this, upload your video, click on the edit icon, and upload the desired picture.

2 min read

Onlypult platform update: the beginning of 2024

We continue to add awesome options to our Publish tool and have no plans to stop there. We started the year with a pretty cool release. Our users can comment on posts as part of their content creation efforts. For example, a team member or client can leave a suggestion for text or graphic content under a particular post.

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4 min read

Summary for 2023 on Onlypult

We have worked hard this year to ensure you work comfortably and efficiently on the site. Let's summarize a little and remember what useful features have appeared. We're sure some of them have become your favorite ones and saved you lots of time.

1 min read

Publishing videos on Pinterest

The last update of the year! Our users can now post videos on Pinterest.

2 min read

December 2023: Publishing Tool Update and Recurring Posts

We are constantly working on adding new features to make Onlypult even more convenient for our users. Several new ones are already available on the platform: Making your first comment on LinkedIn This option will be helpful if the text is large and you do not want to divide it into several posts or add hashtags. The feature is available for both Profile and Page.

1 min read

December 2023: Post activity history and gallery on Telegram

Several new Publishing options are already available to our users. One of them is another step towards improving content collaboration on the platform. First things first. Now, you can track the activity history and see what changes were made, who made them, and when.This option will be helpful for teams working on new content or getting approval from a client.

2 min read

November 2023: direct posting on TikTok, external link to the post

We've prepared some great features that you are sure to love. Spoiler: this is just a minor part of a larger plan in which we'll be adding new content tools.