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8 min read

Can you post nudes on Instagram in 2024? - The Full Guide

One of our users regularly posts on Instagram photos of girls with different degree of exposure. Instagram doesn’t like such frankness. Regularly he receives warnings, and his photos get removed.

14 min read

Facebook Ad Size & Specs: Complete 2024 Cheat Sheet

Facebook is a content-centric platform. The main goal of the platform is to show users the most interesting and popular advertisement based on his or her personal preferences.

10 min read

Twitter Banner Size - Foolproof Tips (Update 2024)

The first step in social media design involves uploading relevant and high-quality images to the network in the correct format. However, you've probably noticed that the quality and size of images displayed on social networks can vary significantly. When the dimensions of content are incorrect, the quality deteriorates, and photos get cropped.

12 min read

Facebook Event Photo Size: Best Practices & Tips in 2024

What is the latest update about Facebook event photo size? Read the post below and learn about banner sizes, tips on posting and creating a successful event on Facebook?

6 min read

How to Delete or Unpublish a Facebook Business Page

You may need to delete a business page on Facebook for different reasons: the business has closed, or the account of a store has been changed, to name but a few.

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11 min read

Instagram Photos Size & Dimensions in 2024

After years of allowing only one orientation for photos and videos, Instagram introduced multiple other formats and orientations. These new features represent exciting opportunities for new content; however, navigating IGTV, stories, videos, and other posts can get tricky.

17 min read

How To Find Your Target Audience - All You Have To Know

The target audience is people potentially interested in your goods or services. You should consider them when launching your business, designing the product and its packaging, and running other marketing activities.

3 min read

How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2024 - Tips to Help You with Verification

No doubt, you have seen a blue checkmark next to a username in the accounts of celebrities, popular bloggers and brands. We will help you understand why it matters, what advantages it gives and how to get it.

15 min read

How to Create an Effective Social Media Plan in 2024

The number of accounts, posts, likes, and comments on social media is constantly growing. You can notice that some of them manage to cut through the noise, and some of them don’t.

19 min read

Instagram Stories: Everything You Should Know in 2024

“Stories” are actively used for advertising, promoting personal brands and business. They help brands regain the public’s attention, attract new audiences, and publish promotions and news. Stories are like your own TV channel.