Social Media Marketing Guides

2 min read

Mini guide to Instagram collabs: who are co-authors?

Instagram Collabs has been one of the main features very widely used for shared posting. Publishing a Collabs post, any author may become a co-author for publications or reels of other users.

2 min read

How to create and set up TikTok Ads Manager

Currently, only officially operating companies can register an account with TikTok for Business. You will need official payment data: note that each country has different requirements.

5 min read

LinkedIn Analytics: Increase your brand page traffic

LinkedIn is one of the leading media business platforms, especially for the b2b segment. This article gives tricks on how to improve brand page effectiveness by tracking analytics. This work should become an integral part of the strategy on this social platform.

5 min read

How to promote a brand on LinkedIn with InMail

Direct marketing is another meaningful sales channel. The internal LinkedIn mailout is 300% more effective than a conventional one referring to the statistical data. InMail is used for finding employees and employers, partnership offers, and direct sales.

5 min read

Micro landing page on Instagram: how to do it yourself

Social media are not always link-friendly — especially —Instagram. Users can get access to only one clickable link on their profile bio. But you want to share a website, contacts, blog, promotional pages, and much more.

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4 min read

How to delete a LinkedIn profile

So, you have decided to delete your LinkedIn profile. In this article, you will learn several ways to do this.

5 min read

Your ultimate guide to set up a shop on Facebook

Social media have become a versatile communication tool not only for users to stay in touch with their acquaintances but for businesses and customers as well. This ultimate guide describes all the pros of a Facebook shop and explains how to create your catalog.

7 min read

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories & Posts

Learn how to add music to an Instagram story or post. Find out what services can help you share your music with followers.

3 min read

How to save posts on Instagram?

The number of your Instagram post likes and comments are no longer the crucial popularity indices. Now only the number of saves shows the content usefulness level and success.

3 min read

How to delete a TikTok account

You have made your decision to delete your TikTok account. There are a few ways to do it. In our guide, we are going to review each of them.