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10 min read

Twitch Emote Sizes - The Ultimate Guide: Guidelines, Examples, and Requirements

Find out how to create a set of fun and unique Twitch emotes with the right sizes, dimensions, and image resolution for fast and confident approval.

3 min read
Author: Kirill Hoh

Winter updates. Part I

Our product development is a very eventful process! We always have a great deal to do and things already done. So, we cannot wait to tell you about the most significant features already released.

3 min read
Author: Vladimir Kolesov

Online store on Instagram: get 600,000 followers without targeted ads

Online store on Instagram: 600,000 followers without targeted ads Let us analyze the example of the online store — the right way of running an Instagram account.

3 min read
Author: Vladimir Kolesov

Deleting bots on Instagram: how to protect your account

There is a tremendous number of websites where you can purchase fake accounts. It's easy, fast, and cheap. And it is not necessary to know the account login and password to attack it using bots. You can leave a request to purchase bots for any Instagram account on any bot selling website.

4 min read
Author: Pavel Lurie

Problems with cross-posting and possible solutions

If your brand has to save resources on SMM, it may be tempting to post the same publications on different social networks. What is the risk, and which method will be more effective; this is the topic of our new article.

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4 min read
Author: Vladimir Kolesov

Targeted advertising on Instagram: common mistakes

Targeting is all about testing first. First, you try dozens of options and gain optimal results through trial and error. Avoid making conclusions based only on a couple of ad creatives. It is necessary to try out many different hypotheses first.

4 min read
Author: Vladimir Kolesov

Where to start and how to create a YouTube channel: the first steps of a video blogger

The first thing that many people want to do is grab a camera or smartphone and start uploading videos. You don't need to do that. Blindly trying will not bring you success. YouTube's algorithms work in a completely different way.

3 min read
Author: Ekaterina Zdanovskaya

How to save posts on Instagram?

The number of your Instagram post likes and comments are no longer the crucial popularity indices. Now only the number of saves shows the content usefulness level and success.

4 min read
Author: Katya Babash

Giveaways and their potential danger for your account

When you run a giveaway, you pay money to the organizer. The person organizing a giveaway offers prizes such as a mobile phone, camera, or even a food box (don’t be surprised) and asks people to follow their sponsors. As you are one of the sponsors — people will start following you just to unfollow you after the giveaway.

2 min read

7 rookie mistakes of amateur YouTubers

Try to make videos more dynamic, add cross-cutting with music to make your videos more interesting to watch.