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Author: John Newman

'Get the most of it' — how Onlypult Analytics helps to get the most helpful information from Instagram

Instagram continues to grow as one of the most popular social networks for all ages, countries, and brands. Its audience of active users exceeds 2 billion people per month, the engagement rate for each post reaches 1.16% (Facebook has only 0.27%), and 70% of users are ready to make purchases through Instagram.

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LinkedIn Analytics: Increase your brand page traffic

LinkedIn is one of the leading media business platforms, especially for the b2b segment. This article gives tricks on how to improve brand page effectiveness by tracking analytics. This work should become an integral part of the strategy on this social platform.

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To hide or not to hide comments on Facebook

If you decide to hide every negative comment, it will be a failure — even if your first intention is to delete and hide a comment before anyone has seen it and forget about that ASAP. Big companies have an in-house position of a community manager. And it is they who check comments and work with them — i.e., do not delete them but understand why the comment appeared and decide how the company can reply to get credit for its image.

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How to improve advertising conversion on LinkedIn

The first step to effective ads is to create a buyer image. It is where any marketing activity develops, and promotion on LinkedIn is no exception. However, there are also some particularities: more specific targeting indicators — thus, you need to understand who you are selling to and what exactly.

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Most important Onlypult updates: 2022 Top list

Let's sum up the results! We have great things to share. What's new in the micro-landing Designer, what updates are helpful to everyone who works with several social networks, and why it's worth checking Analytics.

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Telegram Premium: how to activate a subscription and what you get

As the creators of the messenger say, the premium subscription on Telegram is a way to support the app and help to keep it free for most users. New features will become available for all users within new releases.

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How to post reels with Onlypult

Reels are a low-cost way to promote yourself, but at the same time it is one of the most helpful tools. Viral videos appeal to the audience and raise loyalty to your brand. The high outreach of such videos shapes visibility and helps you attract new subscribers.

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What is new on social media? Telegram and Pinterest

Groups with over 200 members will now be able to create separate chats within groups for discussions. For example, a channel for job offers can now create three different chats. Job offers in one channel, placing portfolios and self-presentations in the second channel, and holding conversations in the third channel.

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How to earn money on streams if you’re not a gamer

Game streaming is a profitable business. But not only game streaming is popular today. Streaming your live chats with the audience is a special format that bloggers and brands should pay attention to. In this article, we will talk about making money on streams and what streams are for.

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What is new on social media? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Meta is implementing confidentiality updates for teens — several tools will give users a sense of security while working with the app. All members younger than 16 (in some countries, younger than 18) who join Facebook will get protected automatically with stricter privacy settings.