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Instagram Automation: All You Have to Know in 2021

What could be simpler than uploading your pictures in the Instagram app? For a regular user, Instagram is just another tool to share the brightest and cutest moments of their lives. However, many users don’t set any limits and explore all of the opportunities that this famous social network provides.

Social Media Reach: why it falls and how to increase it

The reach reflects the number of users who have seen your post at least once. It only includes unique visitors — repeated views don’t count, even if your post has been viewed 15 times by the same user. That's the difference compared to impressions since the impressions summarize all views.

How to get the first 1000 followers on Instagram

When you get the first thousand followers, it becomes easier to develop your profile, advertise, and promote. The first thousand followers are like social proof that people are following you for a reason.

Do you need to use hashtags to promote on Instagram?

Hashtags used to be one of the main promotion methods on Instagram and TikTok; they remain one of the best promotion instruments. However, for some reason, their importance has declined significantly.

10 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

How can you keep track of online conversations about your brand, and is there a benefit for your business? Luckily for those who are responsible for social media marketing, there are automated monitoring tools. These platforms make a great impact on the social media manager's job by providing insight, saving time, and informing marketing strategies.

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Choose the Right YouTube Video Size: Resolution, Dimension, Frame Rate & Aspect Ratio

YouTube is a large and globally recognized search platform and network. Individuals and businesses alike benefit from the platform by sharing video content, searching for educational information, and promoting products or personal skills and knowledge.

Author: Katya Babash

Visual trends: what content to create in 2021

There is a trend on Instagram where you make a collage of different body parts (eyes, lips, ears, fingers, feet) or post such pictures in the feed separately.

Author: Ekaterina Zdanovskaya

How to use Stories for business

Posting Stories on Instagram is as important as publishing posts. Using the format of Stories, you can increase the reach and engagement rates, find new customers and attract followers, acquaint the audience with your brand, products, and services, increase loyalty to your company, and announce new offers.

Author: Vladimir Kolesov

Instagram Stories: How to Increase the Reach and Promote your Instagram profile in 2021

If you don't post Stories and only post in the feed, you limit the profit that you can get from your profile. When the users visit your account and see that there are no Stories, they will think that this is a dead account that does not publish new content.

How to Find Old Tweets - Search Tips

When Twitter was first launched in 2006, even its developers did not envision that their creation would snowball into the global social media phenomenon it is today.