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Trends on Pinterest in 2022

Welcome one of the new formats on Pinterest — pins with several slides that look like stories feed — such posts raise total views, as Pinterest promotes them actively, and carousels can help you share guides or step-by-step instructions.

2 min read
Author: Katya Babash

Instagram Anti-Trends in 2022

Frames have become an out-of-date trend. Choose your photos with the correct dimensions for Instagram. Your account is not your portfolio. If you want your followers to see the picture in its full size — show a preview on Instagram and upload all your other photos in any dimensions to your website.

5 min read

How brands achieve business indicators on Twitter

Every year the platform is told to be on its wane. However, more than 211 million daily active users, according to Statista, prove the opposite: interest in the platform is only growing.

2 min read
Author: Katya Babash

5 useful apps for editing photos and adding visual effects

A helpful feature here is that you can choose one image, edit it, copy its style by pressing a button and then apply the same one to other pictures. Pictures will be edited automatically without you having to adjust them manually.

3 min read

LinkedIn Business Page: creation rules

A competent personal profile on LinkedIn can be a sales channel if you make it informative.

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4 min read

5 ways to arrange your work on a content plan with labels

We want to share five ways to simplify content strategy management and make it more effective.

3 min read

Instagram Reels: 7 Ideas for Content

Reels are a great tool to promote your account on Instagram — here are 7 ideas for Reels — take them on!

3 min read
Author: Kirill Hoh

Summer, Sun, And New Release

Dear friends! Many new features are waiting for you in our Publishing and Builder! Let us tell you about them in detail.

3 min read
Author: Lilia Boyko

Stories formats: how to vary stories on Instagram

Stories are content that lasts only 24 hours. There is no need to make a perfect picture — otherwise — you may never post a Story if you will do it like a perfectionist. We will tell you how to vary stories on Instagram.

1 min read

How to do labeling on an Onlypult account

The built-in functionality of social networks is limited, but there are additional tools that help to work with accounts. Onlypult labeling is one of these.