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Pinterest for brands in 2023

Pinterest has been long regarded by brands and influencers as a catalog of beautiful photos. In 2023, ignoring this platform means losing subscribers. Pinterest brings traffic to the most complex niches: we will tell you how to work with it and what functionality and formats to pay special attention to.

7 min read

Instagram Videos and Reels - What is The Difference & How to Use Them

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in terms of users. According to the data, Instagram has around two billion active users who use Instagram at least once a month. What makes Instagram a great platform is its ability to upload various kinds of content.

5 min read

The most useful Instagram updates at the beginning of 2023

Recently, Instagram announced that in the coming year, the company would focus on functionality that allows the monetization of accounts through working on a personal brand or developing a business. The main emphasis will be on the video format.

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Onlypult for Stories posting

Instagram Stories are a way to share additional content with subscribers, which do not take hours to create. Instant photos and short videos are с content formats, but your audience will feel bored pretty quickly. To catch the attention of your followers, you need a content plan for Stories, prepare it in advance and be creative.

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Message translation, interactive unicorn, Twitter Blue for Business — what's new on social networks?

Here is a new series of Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn updates. Don't miss it! Unlike Instagram, the beginning of 2023 did not bring us plenty of news on other networks. Nevertheless, some new features simplify working with the services greatly.

6 min read

Brands and bloggers on Telegram: how to run a channel

Telegram is among the top 10 most downloaded apps in the world and has over 500 million active users over 500 million active users, according to official data. Brands and bloggers run personal channels and create communities as private chats. Chatbots help them answer questions 24/7 promptly — these are online assistants for different spheres of life.

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TikTok, Reels, and YouTube Shorts — what the difference is

TikTok is the ancestor of short viral videos. All players are trying to "reinvent" the format. Now each of the social networks actively promotes video content. As a video trendsetter, YouTube does not want to lose this title.

3 min read

5 reasons to use a сontent Planner

The daily routine of an SMM specialist working on the content every day is like that: there is a particular general strategy and vision (usually kept in tables); they use text documents (Google Docs is one of the most popular) for the text contents; and coordinate posts and work with the rest of the team (designers, for example) in messengers.

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'Get the most of it' — how Onlypult Analytics helps to get the most helpful information from Instagram

Instagram continues to grow as one of the most popular social networks for all ages, countries, and brands. Its audience of active users exceeds 2 billion people per month, the engagement rate for each post reaches 1.16% (Facebook has only 0.27%), and 70% of users are ready to make purchases through Instagram.

5 min read

LinkedIn Analytics: Increase your brand page traffic

LinkedIn is one of the leading media business platforms, especially for the b2b segment. This article gives tricks on how to improve brand page effectiveness by tracking analytics. This work should become an integral part of the strategy on this social platform.