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How to promote a brand on LinkedIn with InMail

Direct marketing is another meaningful sales channel. The internal LinkedIn mailout is 300% more effective than a conventional one referring to the statistical data. InMail is used for finding employees and employers, partnership offers, and direct sales.

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Types of mini landings: 5 options for businesses

A mini landing page is a website with a heading, titles, descriptions, payment or subscription buttons, and links to messengers. Let us tell you what mini landing page options you have and how to make such a page without the help of a web designer.

2 min read

What is social media monitoring?

Social media monitoring is an opportunity to analyze the efficiency of blogger or brand social channels, i.e., being able to create relevant content for different segments of your target audience. Thanks to the measurement of marketing activities of your direct and indirect competitors, analyzing reach and engagement, including likes, comments, reposts, and hashtags, it becomes easier to evaluate an SMM strategy.

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The latest news on Twitter, WhatsApp, and Pinterest

While the hearing of the Twitter vs. Elon Musk case is still ongoing (a reminder: Musk wants to pull out of his deal to buy Twitter), Twitter is actively updating its platform.

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What advertising campaign to launch to promote your brand on LinkedIn

Promotion on LinkedIn is perfect for driving traffic to your website, arousing interest in products and services, lead generation for a specific event, and announcing events. Besides, direct marketing and sales are widely used.

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What is new on Instagram? Top 5 updates of summer 2022

Auto-generated captions for IGTV videos, AR effects for video editing, a marketplace for creators, and other Instagram updates.

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Giveaway affects Instagram statistics

At first sight, a giveaway looks like an innocent and quick way to grow your account. It doesn’t take much if you are not a celebrity with millions of followers and is much more impactful than any direct advertising.

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Facebook Stories: the main differences from Instagram

Content makers and marketers who work with both platforms often reuse the content. It is rather convenient: you can easily share a Story from Instagram to Facebook using the available functionality. Let’s analyze if it is a good idea to do so. Spoiler alert: the answer is no, and here is why.

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Author: Kirill Hoh

Onlypult mobile for iOS. Version 2.4

In the new version of our mobile app, there is an option to preview posts before posting them on Facebook, a more user-friendly interface to create posts and add text, and other improvements.

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Trends on Pinterest in 2022

Welcome one of the new formats on Pinterest — pins with several slides that look like stories feed — such posts raise total views, as Pinterest promotes them actively, and carousels can help you share guides or step-by-step instructions.