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Instagram VS TikTok: content, promotion, and business opportunities

Because of the rapid and exponential growth of TikTok, people started talking about the future of Instagram. Is TikTok going to replace it? Is it time to use only TikTok and leave Instagram behind?

What is brand positioning on social media, and why do brands need it?

Сreating of a brand platform will help you set yourself apart from the competition and determine the brand DNA — it is structured information about the mission and values that a company communicates through marketing and public image tools such as social media.

Author: Lilia Boyko

How to create a personal brand: stages, developing rules, mistakes

Who would Mickey Mouse be without a personal brand? It would be an ordinary mouse. In life, everything works exactly the same way. The lifestyle era in blogging is over. You need to find your expertise, reveal your personality, and build your personal brand and blog on this.

Author: Vladimir Kolesov

Setting up Instagram ads: what interests to choose and how to find the target audience

There are two main visions of targeting and interest setting up in targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram that are the most often used by different targetologists.

Author: Pavel Lurie

Is it worth starting a YouTube channel in 2021?

For companies, the main tool for promotion is their website. And bloggers grow their audience on Instagram and TikTok. But both businesses and influencers can effectively increase their audience through their YouTube channel. In this article, we will cover the advantages of YouTube and the usage of its features in 2021.

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Author: Vladimir Kolesov

How to gain new followers through content?

Why do people share helpful content and free products on social media? You can find lots of free content online: educational courses, programs, apps, movies, and so much more.

Author: Katya Babash

How to work with bloggers on Instagram?

If you are developing your Instagram account and promoting your services, you have probably heard about working with bloggers for promotion. It can be a paid or free form of win-win collaboration.

Author: Pavel Lurie

Characteristics and advantages of different Instagram account types

There are two categories and three types of accounts on Instagram. Which one best suits your business aims? You will find an answer to this question in our new article.

Who is an SMM specialist?

An SMM specialist works with social networks. The main responsibility is to manage social media accounts to generate more sales and achieve client objectives.

Author: Lilia Boyko

How to write amazing texts and outperform competitors on Instagram

The marketing approach follows an AIDA model dating back to the early XX century when catalog sales were widespread in the USA. A small message in the catalog had to attract the attention of potential clients and encourage them to order a product or a service.