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Author: Maxim Chernov

How to get your first 5000 followers on Instagram

So, you got your first 1000 followers: you have a well-designed bio, you know how to write interesting articles, create engaging stories, and work with audiences.

Author: Maxim Chernov

3 life hacks to make your YouTube channel grow rapidly

Videos should be as useful and short as possible. For example, such types of content as life hacks, tips, or “how-to” videos will more likely be successful.

Author: Maxim Chernov

How to get Instagram followers for free: mutual PR

The appropriate accounts for mutual PR are those that do not have much more or fewer followers than yours.

Author: John Newman

Cross-posting: How to do it Right

Cross-posting is a type of publication when you make the same post on different social networks. Of course, at first sight, it seems very easy to make the same posts: it provides the activity of your other accounts and helps reach a big audience with one click.

Author: Maxim Chernov

How to significantly multiply the number of likes, comments, and views on Instagram

When you organize your feed and choose the pictures for your posts, try to arrange them so that the angles of the pictures vary in each row and column of the feed. Alternate close-up pictures with mid- and wide-shot ones.

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Author: Damir Khalilov

How to create Instagram Stories that will make great sales

We live in a “Stories come first” time. People’s interest in Stories is constantly growing. Stories are becoming the main information source, but it doesn’t mean that posts are not needed anymore.

Author: Maxim Chernov

How to create a community and retain your customers

Every community should have a mission, and it should be important both for the members of the community and for you and your team.

Author: Alyona McGrane

How to work with TikTok: the guide for newbies

We first heard about TikTok in 2015. The network positions itself as an application for creating and watching short videos. The main mission of the company is to encourage people to create. TikTok has offices in 10 different countries and approximately 500 million users.

Author: Alyona McGrane

11 Best Social Media Scheduling & Posting Tools in 2020

Customers expect brands to always be active online, which can become labor-intensive. If you want to significantly cut down the amount of time for content posting, a social media scheduling tool is just for you.

Author: Alyona McGrane

10 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

How can you keep track of online conversations about your brand, and is there a benefit for your business? Luckily for those who are responsible for social media marketing, there are automated monitoring tools. These platforms make a great impact on the social media manager's job by providing insight, saving time, and informing marketing strategies.