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To hide or not to hide comments on Facebook

If you decide to hide every negative comment, it will be a failure — even if your first intention is to delete and hide a comment before anyone has seen it and forget about that ASAP. Big companies have an in-house position of a community manager. And it is they who check comments and work with them — i.e., do not delete them but understand why the comment appeared and decide how the company can reply to get credit for its image.

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How to improve advertising conversion on LinkedIn

The first step to effective ads is to create a buyer image. It is where any marketing activity develops, and promotion on LinkedIn is no exception. However, there are also some particularities: more specific targeting indicators — thus, you need to understand who you are selling to and what exactly.

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Telegram Premium: how to activate a subscription and what you get

As the creators of the messenger say, the premium subscription on Telegram is a way to support the app and help to keep it free for most users. New features will become available for all users within new releases.

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How to earn money on streams if you’re not a gamer

Game streaming is a profitable business. But not only game streaming is popular today. Streaming your live chats with the audience is a special format that bloggers and brands should pay attention to. In this article, we will talk about making money on streams and what streams are for.

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How to promote YouTube Shorts and what videos are popular

Videos, as a long-standing media platform trend, attract the audience's attention and get more views and a higher level of engagement than other types of content, for example, text posts. Knowing how to work with the new and fast-growing YouTube Shorts format is vital for brands and bloggers actively developing their social networks.

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5 Steps to Optimize Your personal LinkedIn page

LinkedIn is a social network for business. So, customized content gets a much bigger response than on any other platform — highlight your account content. Your profile should contain answers to these three questions: Who are you? How are you different from others? What do they say about you?

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6 reasons for the declining reach in Stories

People don’t watch Stories to read a lot to understand their meaning. Learn to be succinct by being concise and clear. Make sure to style your text appropriately to make it legible: it should have a notable contrast with the background.

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Content marketing on LinkedIn

Your blog is a free way of promotion. It is a means to tell people about your business and share your expertise. And a LinkedIn blog is a handy tool allowing you to add an event, a video, or a picture. Remember to use hashtags that will provide an opportunity to find your text quickly.

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Author: Zakaria Lamraoui

Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools

As social platforms are on the rise, therefore it is essential for business owners to understand how to take advantage of social media. Social media has over 4.26 billion users, and 92% of marketers think that social media is beneficial for their business.

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How to promote a Telegram channel apart from advertising

Direct advertising is a vital method of promotion, but it isn’t always the best approach for amateur bloggers and small brands. In this article, we will talk about paid promotion methods that you can employ before buying paid advertising.