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Instagram in 2024: trends, promotions, technologies

We can all witness how fast Instagram masks are developing in Stories. Companies started to look for promotional opportunities with the help of the masks.

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Instagram Shopping Tags - a Full Guide to Instagram Shopping

Shopping Tags appeared not long ago. Nevertheless, many accounts are already using the Shopping Tags feature. This tool is becoming available.

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14 Instagram Stories trends of 2024

It means making the video for Stories of small pieces.

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The most useful Instagram updates at the beginning of 2024

Recently, Instagram announced that in the coming year, the company would focus on functionality that allows the monetization of accounts through working on a personal brand or developing a business. The main emphasis will be on the video format.

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Promotion on Instagram in 2024. How do the algorithms work? How to increase the reach?

Instagram Feed is the main and the most frequently used feature. Since the feed doesn’t show the posts you have already seen, it’s called a smart feed. How does Instagram know what posts are worth showing in the feed?

Onlypult — one control panel for social media
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The Top 5 Tips for Running Engaging Instagram Giveaways in 2024

It is a specific way to promote on Instagram announced by a star or a popular blogger. The point is that participants must follow all sponsors of the competition.

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Instagram business profile in 2024

Instagram is a network focused on visual content. If you want to attract more customers, you should create a well-designed profile, as the clients associate brand profile image with the quality of your goods or services.

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How to become a blogger and gain followers in 2024?

Now people either want to get educational information or have fun on social media. Bloggers either entertain us or produce some valuable content for us. So, if you need to create qualitative content, there are multiple opportunities to do it because blogging is still relevant and in demand.

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Ad targeting trends in 2024

For all the intense upturn in the digital market, the user attitude to content is chaining rapidly. Targetologists are looking for new ways to attract customers’ attention.

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Tiktok Marketing - Everything You Need To Know in 2024

The social network with short videos is gaining more and more popularity. Currently, it is the fourth most popular international entertainment platform. Only Instagram, YouTube and Facebook are ahead of it. We are going to tell you why it is useful for businesses and what advertising opportunities it has.