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Tiktok Marketing - Everything You Need To Know in 2024

The social network with short videos is gaining more and more popularity. Currently, it is the fourth most popular international entertainment platform. Only Instagram, YouTube and Facebook are ahead of it. We are going to tell you why it is useful for businesses and what advertising opportunities it has.

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How to Increase Engagement on Instagram in 2024 - 20 Useful Tips

First of all, it is an activity on Instagram. The main purpose of like times is to increase your audience’s activity rate and, thus, increase its reach.

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Instagram visual anti-trends in 2024: what mistakes to avoid when creating the feed

The biggest mistake is the "seamless" Instagram feed. It means that you create posts with photos that are related to each other. As a result, users can see a puzzle in your profile that, without any doubt, looks cool, but only when you upload three photos in a row. Every time you post a new one, everything shifts and looks like a mess. If users visit your page during this "messy" period, they will not understand anything.

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How to Get More Likes on Instagram - 15 Proven Tips for Increased Engagement

When you organize your feed and choose the pictures for your posts, try to arrange them so that the angles of the pictures vary in each row and column of the feed. Alternate close-up pictures with mid- and wide-shot ones.

9 min read

Video Marketing: Handy Guide to One of the Growing Digital Marketing Trends in 2024

Businesses in 2024 understand that they need a video marketing strategy. Incorporating video within your marketing roadmap is not a new concept. However, the importance of digital marketing demonstrates that video is dominating almost every platform and channel for brands. Therefore, video needs to be a priority within your overall marketing plan instead of just a piece of the puzzle.

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Instagram Anti-Trends in 2024

Frames have become an out-of-date trend. Choose your photos with the correct dimensions for Instagram. Your account is not your portfolio. If you want your followers to see the picture in its full size — show a preview on Instagram and upload all your other photos in any dimensions to your website.

3 min read

7 principles I understood when I got 200 subscribers on YouTube

When your blog has a lot of subscribers (for example, 200K), you can choose the topics that interest you and that have nothing to do with YouTube or the main topic of your channel.

8 min read

Instagram algorithms 2024

In June the social network’s developers published the first article covering algorithm details. We decided to gather all information available on posts and Stories ranking on Instagram. It may help you grow your blog more efficiently.

11 min read

Instagram Algorithm: How It Works & How to Beat It in 2024

Whenever a user decides to open Instagram and check their feed, a lot of content is already there. And every time, it's the Instagram algorithm that determines which posts would be interesting and relevant for the specific user in their Instagram feed.

8 min read

Instagram shadowban in 2024: How to remove and avoid it

A shadowbanned Instagram account is like the life of Robinson Crusoe on a desert island: profile author posts content, but no one can see posts, stories, live broadcasts, and other activities. Only the most loyal fans who intentionally go to the profile to see what's new and why their favorite user is missing from the usual story circles can do it.