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Message translation, interactive unicorn, Twitter Blue for Business — what's new on social networks?

Here is a new series of Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn updates. Don't miss it! Unlike Instagram, the beginning of 2023 did not bring us plenty of news on other networks. Nevertheless, some new features simplify working with the services greatly.

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What is new on social media? Telegram and Pinterest

Groups with over 200 members will now be able to create separate chats within groups for discussions. For example, a channel for job offers can now create three different chats. Job offers in one channel, placing portfolios and self-presentations in the second channel, and holding conversations in the third channel.

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What is new on social media? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Meta is implementing confidentiality updates for teens — several tools will give users a sense of security while working with the app. All members younger than 16 (in some countries, younger than 18) who join Facebook will get protected automatically with stricter privacy settings.

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What is new on Instagram? 5 updates of autumn 2022

If you do brand promotion or promote a personal brand on social media, it is vital to keep track of different media platforms. Instagram is quite flexible in this respect: new features got developed if users request them.

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The latest news on Twitter, WhatsApp, and Pinterest

While the hearing of the Twitter vs. Elon Musk case is still ongoing (a reminder: Musk wants to pull out of his deal to buy Twitter), Twitter is actively updating its platform.

Onlypult — one control panel for social media
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What is new on Instagram? Top 5 updates of summer 2022

Auto-generated captions for IGTV videos, AR effects for video editing, a marketplace for creators, and other Instagram updates.

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What happened on social media in the spring of 2022? Most important news

Among the leading trends of the coming year, marketers assign one of the core roles to social media. Coupled with the fact that paid advertising is becoming a need due to high competition, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat are becoming catchier every day to brands through provision tools for working with advertising companies.

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Messenger news digest: the beginning of 2022

Messenger news digest

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Social media news digest: the beginning of 2022

Twitter is working on the ability to limit the visibility of posts to other users, which resembles the mechanics of the Close Friends function on Instagram.

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Facebook and Instagram news digest for 2022

Android and iOS have seen the core update of Facebook messenger.