Reflecting on global issues: how blogs and social media changes in 2024

3 min read
2 February 2024

If you still have not managed to reflect on how blogs and social media are changing, let’s do it together. Are there any changes at all? Oh yes, there are. They are smooth and gradual, and we can even call them evolving.

Now being a blogger is not only a trend, but it’s also prestigious, in demand, and sometimes even means that a person who has chosen this occupation is smart. Blogging is a fully-fledged profession despite what people say.

Everybody blogs with excitement. People understand that one information channel is not enough to attract customers. They do not only communicate or sell via the Internet, they literally “present” themselves. We make “digital” copies of our inner selves coming closer and closer to the virtual “heaven” with pixel “angels”. We will all end up being born right on the Internet.


Microbloggers have been on top since the last year. They are very self-confident and proud of themselves because large international brands still place advertising not only with those bloggers who have the highest reach but also with niche authors. And it means that industry representatives keep their ears open and are ready to cooperate with niche bloggers.


Bloggers have fully conquered media, and any of their posts may be found on a news portal at any time. However, we can already manage without them because the news is much closer to people now, and very often a piece of news and the audience meet each other right on Facebook. Creative individualism runs the world.


Challenges and fun really rule. Recently the whole world was captured by a mass 10-year challenge: everybody and his dog posted their “10 years ago” and “now photos. Everybody from Jennifer Lopez to librarians took part. It was fun! By the way, as for fun, if you still do not follow the Egg Gang account, it is literally the intrigue of the year, and you’d’ better follow to learn how it ends. Over 50 million likes — that must be a record!


Memes are becoming more tolerant. Not all of them, but it is an obvious trend. People do not give their likes to or post jokes on sexism, violation, bullying, etc.

It is an obvious sign that our society is developing. The humour is becoming more sophisticated, and we have a chance that the aliens will not consider us barbarians and will come to get acquainted.


The “war” for the likes of 2024 makes bloggers break bad.

On the one hand, there is much live stream “rubbish”, because some bloggers are ready to stream naked to boost the reach. On the other hand, this “war” gives us people who are truly brilliant. Their approach is genius and (spoiler) can be borrowed.


Comments still rule on Facebook, so do not care about likes and spur your audience to discuss different topics. You should have learned how to do it since the last year but, just in case, let’s go over it again: games, surveys like “Which T-shirt fits me better?” encourage followers to comment as well as provocative posts which we are not going to publish, because we are not this kind. Ok, just once maybe.


Meanwhile, Instagram is getting more and more users and losing its “glamorous” patina becoming a more “real” social network which is closer to everyday life. It has less “glossy” photos and more communication with followers and interesting texts now. To post a photoshopped picture and caption it with a nice phrase is not enough already. Now you have to put an effort to communicate with your audience.

To be short, Instagram knows what people like and gives it to them, still becoming one of the most popular Internet sites.


So, whichever trend you choose to follow, they are all positive, the most important thing is to keep up!