Crossposting Service

Focus on the quality of content instead of routine planning

Crossposting is a powerful social media tool that allows content creators to save time on planning, gain more exposure, and maintain consistency on different platforms. Give your brand more chances to perform by adapting the same quality content to multiple accounts.

The Benefits of Crossposting

For businesses and bloggers with several accounts to maintain, social engagement can be a key driver of brand awareness. A cross-posting tool can help you:

Reach a broader audience

Different social mediums have different audiences: Instagram attracts younger crowds that are more focused on the visual aspect of the photo, LinkedIn is geared towards networking and is considered more professional, Facebook’s users tend to be more mature and solvent. The more potential leads see your posts, the better your advertising campaigns perform.

Save time on planning

Without crossposting, you have to repeat the same manual upload process multiple times, which can take away your focus from what really matters: the quality of content. Automation can simplify posting with no loss in functionality. Bring more meaning into your daily content management and leave the unnecessary routine to artificial intelligence.

Easily adjust to different platforms

The image and video specification, text length, and hashtag user differ across social media platforms. The required formats and dimensions are not always the same, as well as the target demographic and behavior which you should adjust to as well. Keep the core of the content and make the necessary edits before sharing it.

Maintain social media consistency

Businesses and brands are somewhat expected to be present on as many platforms as they can, as a user’s social media of choice can simply come down to personal preference. With crossposting, you can keep all your existing accounts up-to-date and easily identify the most engaging content for different mediums.

How it works

Choose one of the accounts where you want your post to go live.
Create and edit the graphic illustration using the import feature for files. Add text and/or hashtags.
At the top of the editing area, click on the “Add” button and select more accounts.
Make adjustments to content if necessary and schedule the posts.

What our customers say about us


As an influencer, I spend a lot of time on content creation and community management. Onlypult lets me manage all accounts from a single interface, and its crossposting feature is especially helpful in resharing great content among all of my active accounts.

Upcoming businesses

Our brand has just recently entered the market, and we need all the exposure we can get. Crossposting content on different social media platforms has allowed us to gain more recognition right from the start. Managing all the accounts requires significantly less time.

Marketing agencies

We are a small private-owned marketing agency, and as our client count got higher and higher, we ran out of resources to maintain all of their social media accounts. Onlypult has helped us automate the routine part of content scheduling.

Leverage crossposting to stay relevant while saving time


How does crossposting work?

Crossposting allows you to automatically schedule or immediately post the same content on all desired social media platforms and/or accounts. Upload the necessary files, use the editing tool if necessary, and add it to your content calendar.

Is it safe to use a crosslisting service?

Onlypult’s automation does not violate any social media guidelines and won’t put your account at risk. Your private login data is encrypted and stored safely.

What makes crossposting on Onlypult different?

With Onlypult’s editing tool, you can make small adjustments to the post to match each platform’s technical requirements for images and videos, as well as its specific user behavior. You can still save time on planning while producing quality content.

Can I crosspost a video?

Yes, as long as the video matches the format and size requirements among your accounts of choice. Upload the content following the same steps as you would with a photo.