Instagram in the future — 7 trends

3 min read
17 May 2017

Predicting future might not be the best thing to do on social nets and media resources, but anyway, we’ll try.

Let’s think of what might happen to Instagram in the next couple of years. Relying heavily on our experience we’ll try to outguess how social networks will change and develop.

More video content, less photos

If we arrange the content on social networks to some kind of hierarchy – then photos will be at the first (lowest) level and video content will be at the next (second) level.

Instagram users believe that videos might take up to 75% of all the social networks content in the near future. Users really like short videos and the number of such videos is constantly increasing.

Tools for streamers and video-bloggers

We do think that Instagram will definitely support and advocate for video-blogging trend. Social network will entice top video-bloggers from YouTube and Periscope.

Thus, Instagram will introduce special tools for these folks, such as streaming-monetization, advanced analytics for videos, various advertising possibilities.

More built-in advertising

Instagram is toying around with various advertising options. We do think that social networks will face more ads of different kind. - Banners among the photos on Gallery; - Ads on comments; - Ads on Stories;

Instagram brand-promotion will be as powerful and efficient as it is now on Facebook, or even better than that!

Trading Platform

We’ve already witnessed the first steps of Instagram towards becoming a trading platform. Next steps will follow, for sure. We believe that Instagram will become a full-fledged marketplace in 3-4 years from now. Social network users will sell and buy goods and make instant payments. There will be a separate part on Instagram dedicated specifically to shops and stores. Just imagine, you liked some new gadget – and it was scheduled for delivery to you right away!

Separate Applications

We do think Instagram will follow Facebook and will introduce separate applications.

There might appear a separate app for Stories, an app for personal messages, an app for marketspace, streaming, etc. Probably in a few years we’ll see several versions of Instagram: one for photos, one for videos, one for live streaming.

Dating and Chats

Communications is another aspect that Instagram is likely to cover in the near future.

Instagram might present a networking service (contacts might be linked based on geo-tags and mutual likes). If two parties like each other’s photos – the social network will offer them to meet. Chats and apps for chatting will be available for those who are fond of messaging.

Integration with Facebook

We dare to say that social network will heavily integrate with Facebook. Comments and likes on Instagram reposts might automatically appear on Facebook and vice versa. Personal message on Instagram will also be sent to Facebook and will remain as new until the moment you read it (no matter in which app).

Probably the algorithms of Instagram and Facebook feeds will be integrated. If you actively put likes on somebody’s Instagram posts – Facebook will prioritize this user on your Facebook feed.