Social Media Marketing News

8 min read

News on Video Platforms: June — November

Video platforms have long been a full-scale part of the marketing strategy for many businesses. After all, as they say, а picture is worth a thousand words. The human brain perceives visual information much easier. In addition, the video makes it easier for all of us to imagine ourselves as happy owners of the product.

5 min read

Messenger updates for the last six months

As the WhatsApp developers noticed, photos and videos have become an integral part of our life, and not all of them require permanent storage. That's why they've added a new single view photo and video feature.

9 min read

Social media updates for June-September

The most interesting social media updates over the past few months. In this article, we update you on cool features you can use for promotion.

10 min read

June to September Facebook and Instagram updates

Nowadays, almost every business has to be present on social networks. Do you want to stay ahead of the competition? Then we advise you to learn the core updates that have occurred in recent months on different social networks.

14 min read

Social media news review for the first half of 2021

Every day brings different events into the world of social media: websites are forging ahead, adding more and more new functions. Do you want to stay tuned to the latest news? We have summed it up for you.

Onlypult — one control panel for social media
3 min read

New Instagram feed – what to expect?

On March 15 the message about the global changes in the social network appeared on the official blog of Instagram. These changes apply to an algorithm of post displaying: now the publication will be released not in strictly reverse chronological order, but will be sorted by popularity. This means that the order of the posts will be similar to Facebook. Let’s figure out if this is good or bad!

5 min read

Review of the most interesting updates on social networks

Social networks monitor users’ preferences regularly and release new updates to satisfy their changing needs. We have reviewed the most useful new features on social networks that have been recently released.

8 min read

New features of Facebook-owned apps

The Facebook Company regularly updates its social networks and some other apps and messengers that are controlled by Facebook by making adjustments and adding other interesting functions.

11 min read

What’s new: what kind of updates 2020 has brought to us in respect to social media

More functional, more convenient, more attractive – these are the main principles for social media developers when they make new updates struggling for customers’ interest.

9 min read

Facebook and Instagram news digest: May 2019

Facebook used people instead of AI, Facebook will be sharing their video advertising income with users, and there are 4 questions on Instagram QUIZ now.