Message translation, interactive unicorn, Twitter Blue for Business — what's new on social networks?

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22 February 2023

Here is a new series of Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn updates. Don’t miss it! Unlike Instagram, the beginning of 2023 did not bring us plenty of news on other networks. Nevertheless, some new features simplify working with the services greatly.


On Telegram, Premium subscription users are traditionally the first to check new functionality. However, as the company announced when launching paid subscriptions, gradually, some functions will become available to all accounts. Here’s what was new in January:


By analogy with voice and video messages, it is now possible to translate texts into a foreign language. The pop-up Translate button is at the top of the chat screen. Tap on it, and the content will be automatically translated.

To enable the feature, take the following steps ‘Settings’ → ‘Language’ → ‘Show Translate Buttons.’

🦄🙊💊😘💘🙉 are now interactive

Ten more emoji sets got available — several hundred images.

New interactive emojis for 🦄🙊💊😘💘🙉. A full-screen effect will show when you send an emoji to a friend in a separate message and then click on the animated emoji. Here, you see the emoji together with your friend.

Updated Group Permissions section

It has become easier for administrators of group chats to control the published content. You can ban sending photos, audio and video files, messages, or, on the contrary, permit only media with no text format.

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Brands and bloggers on Telegram: how to run a channel

Any user can create a chat by bringing together friends or like-minded people on any topic (books, computer games, music, etc.), or a channel on a topic of their interest and, subsequently, monetize it.


In 2014, Messenger replaced the chat on the app. Currently, the company is testing the option to get the old functionality back.

Now you can share a Facebook post directly to Instagram — it’s more convenient than copying the link. Facebook’s Reels now give hints for hashtags and mentions.


The company still focuses on verification a lot.

To make the paid Twitter Blue service more attractive, it motivates subscribers by promoting tweets on the platform and allowing them to publish videos up to 60 minutes long.

The network also introduces the Twitter Blue verification for Business feature. Companies need to subscribe to the verification icon — a golden checkmark.

In addition, new advertising tools will become available in the app: it is a new feature to view trends — by general popularity or individually for the viewer — is being tested.


In the annual review of LinkedIn, the company announced new features to be released this year.

In 2023, the social network team plans to standardize job titles, improve the functionality of Messenger, and make some technical updates to the job search algorithm.

Video processing will become easier. The system will generate captions for videos uploaded to the platform automatically. Text editing will be available if necessary.

Another helpful update: LinkedIn plans to include demographic data in profile analytics and launch a feature to track the most efficient published content — what users rated.