Stories for channels and more: Telegram updates in Autumn 2024

2 min read
9 February 2024

One of the main updates is the boost system: votes from followers with paid accounts help the channel gain a new status and publish Stories. On the day of the launch, the feed was filled with posts asking them to cast their vote.

Stories on behalf of channels

To publish Stories, you need to score zero and above. The channel has to collect ‘boosts’ — votes from users with a premium account — to activate the feature.

All voting links have the same format: you only need to add ‘boost’ to the standard channel link —

All channels have a different number of votes to access this functionality. After launching Stories on behalf of channels, the required number was reduced. Initially, 0.4% of votes from the total number of followers were mandatory, and a little later — 0.1%.

Channel administrators can track how many votes are left to gain in the settings: More → Statistics → Votes. In this section, you can see the nicknames of those users who have cast a vote.

Music and reaction stickers in Stories

Users can add music to Stories from the device’s memory. By clicking on the sticker panel that opens when publishing a story, you must select the Sound option. The application will let you go to the file manager when clicked.

With one touch, it became possible to send reaction stickers to stories. You need to select the cloud icon and select a relevant emoji for the published Story. For premium users, it is up to 5 at a time.

New login notifications

When you log in to your account, Telegram sends notifications to all connected devices. Now, they will appear above the list of all chats — it will make them much more noticeable.

If it is not the user who logs in, you need to select the option: ‘No, not me!’ — and the suspicious session will be terminated. You can check the list of all devices from which you can access messages in the Settings → Devices section.

Viewing media files once

Media self-destruct settings have been updated. Photo or video files can now be viewed once for up to 30 seconds, making sending such materials even safer.

The recipient cannot save the file or take a screenshot. If you select the One View option, the media file will be deleted from the chat immediately when the viewing ends.