What's new on X? October 2023 News

2 min read
2 November 2023

Twitter (X) keeps making changes all the time — what was it this month? Subscription fees, interest in improving video content, and an update in messaging.

X may no longer be a free platform

The idea of paid accounts is not new to Elon Musk. He again reiterated that the company is moving in that direction.

‘It’s the only way to deal with bots (…). Every time a bot creator wants to make another one — they’ll need another new way to pay,’ Musk explained.

He did not say how much the subscription would cost, but he characterized the payment as ‘a small amount of money.’

X shifts focus to video content

The current problem is that the user doesn’t see mentions of the live stream unless they click on the broadcast when they first see it.

There are plans to implement a Spaces-like notification system for real-time video streaming to handle this problem. Live displays on users’ core feeds should increase the visibility of current broadcasts.

The goal of X is to maximize user engagement in watching and creating videos. However, the effectiveness of this particular change has yet to be confirmed.

Elon Musk also tested the X streaming platform. He streamed his gameplay of Diablo IV, after which he wrote on social media: “It works.

X motivates to communicate

X has introduced a swipe-right feature for replying to messages, improving the user experience.

X emphasizes group chats and tends to emphasize messaging audio and video calls that will appear on Twitter. Initially, these calls will not be encrypted. You will need no phone number: only iOS or Android mobile devices or PCs.

Musk sees X as a ‘global address book’, even though it’s still behind giants like Facebook, as for the audience size.