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Author: Katya Babash

Checklist: How to get prepared for a blog shooting

If you only begin to develop your Instagram account as an expert, here is the first thing you should do. If you've been blogging for a long time, you just need to create a rough content plan for the near future.

12 ways of how Instagram helps you develop yourself

You can study a new topic and become an expert by developing your Instagram page. Moreover, you might not even notice how you learn more, get deeper into the subject, and come up with new content.

Author: Katya Babash

Three common myths about TikTok

As everyone has already mentioned, TikTok reminds Instagram five years ago, when any goal was easy to reach. The users enjoyed great organic reach and opportunities to grow the audience just in two weeks. However, these days many people go on thinking that only kids use TikTok, meaning that "their target audience is not there".

Author: Vladimir Kolesov

Promotion on Instagram in 2021. How do the algorithms work? How to increase the reach?

Instagram Feed is the main and the most frequently used feature. Since the feed doesn’t show the posts you have already seen, it’s called a smart feed. How does Instagram know what posts are worth showing in the feed?

Twitter Banner Size - Foolproof Tips (Update 2021)

The first step in social media design involves uploading relevant and high-quality images to the network in the correct format. However, you've probably noticed that the quality and size of images displayed on social networks can vary significantly. When the dimensions of content are incorrect, the quality deteriorates, and photos get cropped.

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How to create a personal brand?

When thinking about a personal brand, the ‘go with the flow’ mentality is the biggest problem. Similar affirmations inherited from parents or adopted at school also affect us: ‘don’t stand out,’ ‘copy the others.’

Author: Lilia Boyko

The differences between running a blog on Instagram and Facebook

The Instagram audience is spoiled by giveaways and presents. Everyone wants to receive a big prize for following an account. The audience on Facebook is more judgmental and conscious than on Instagram.

Storytelling in Stories: strategy, secrets, techniques

Instagram Stories began with 15-second photos and videos. At first, they were perceived as an optional addition to the main feed. However, new Stories formats suddenly appeared some time ago.

LinkedIn Banner Size: Explaining All Photo Sizes for LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to find and make business contacts: employers can discover job candidates, and job seekers can find their dream job. Even though LinkedIn is geared towards professionals, it is still a social network – and any social network user pays attention to profile pictures, page cover photos, and advertising banners.

A guide to guides: how to create Instagram guides and why business needs them + step-by-step instructions

Instagram guides are a relatively new format allowing you to create thematic collections of posts. Guides appeared in May 2020 and were used by a selected number of authors at first; by autumn 2020, they were already available to all users.