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11 min read

Social media news digest: the beginning of 2022

Twitter is working on the ability to limit the visibility of posts to other users, which resembles the mechanics of the Close Friends function on Instagram.

4 min read
Author: Vladimir Kolesov

How to become a blogger and gain followers in 2022?

Now people either want to get educational information or have fun on social media. Bloggers either entertain us or produce some valuable content for us. So, if you need to create qualitative content, there are multiple opportunities to do it because blogging is still relevant and in demand.

5 min read
Author: Lilia Boyko

How to increase your reach on Instagram Stories: examples and lessons learned

Such emotions as tenderness, anger, sadness, irritation, fury, excitement, and hatred trigger our attention and make us continue watching. Negative emotions tend to catch an eye more than positive emotions do.

4 min read
Author: Vladimir Kolesov

Official algorithms by Instagram developers

Recently, in its official blog, Instagram explained how it ranks posts and how the algorithms work, why some posts have better reach than others, and how to get into recommendations.

7 min read

Catching text for social networks: rules, principles, approaches

There are many aspects of working with content — if it is storytelling, sharing emotions in the text, or anything else. But before proceeding to complex techniques, it is essential to master the basic principles of the catchy text first.

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13 min read

Facebook and Instagram news digest for 2022

Android and iOS have seen the core update of Facebook messenger.

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9 secret tips to start selling on Instagram

One of the problems that many bloggers face on Instagram is that they can’t monetize their audience. In this article, we are going to talk about selling on Instagram.

5 min read

How to make money on Instagram without being a blogger

Advertising is the oldest way to earn money on an Instagram blog. And earnings depend very much on the subject. Advertising in stories is the most popular format that you can sell.

8 min read
Author: Pavel Lurie

Top 10 Products and Solutions for Facebook Analytics

One shall not necessarily use standard tools to obtain data on brand promotion on social media. Often alternative services help to understand company reputation better. We explain how to choose the best service.

2 min read
Author: Kirill Hoh

Winter Updates. Part III

In the final part of our winter trilogy, we will tell you what is new on our web platform and the iOS mobile app.