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Author: Vladimir Kolesov

How to create a monthly content plan in a couple of hours

First, you need to create an Excel table with five columns, where you can enter the information and then work with it

Summer Updates. June-August 2021

We hope, like us, you had a really great summertime — sunny, joyful, and also productive! We are excited to share what is new on Onlypult!

Author: Vladimir Kolesov

Instagram statistics from scratch

When it comes to Instagram promotion, you should know how to create posts, set up targeting, run ads, and what is more important - analyze the results.

Author: Pavel Lurie

How to properly run a YouTube channel?

YouTube is a perfect platform for promoting a business and developing a personal brand. However, it is rather challenging to build a loyal audience quickly because of tough competition with other content creators.

Author: Lilia Boyko

Promotion on Clubhouse: 5 steps to get the first thousand followers

What is the point of promoting your account in Clubhouse if there is no monetization? Just like in any other social network, your followers are your capital. Even though now, Clubhouse doesn’t pay for room hosting and live streams, it is likely to happen sooner or later.

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How to get followers on Instagram: all methods

The first method is to make frequent posts. It is especially relevant if you have just run some promotional activities or bought advertising. Make sure to create content regularly and actively for a week, and the results won’t take long.

Author: Ekaterina Zdanovskaya

How to delete a TikTok account

You have made your decision to delete your TikTok account. There are a few ways to do it. In our guide, we are going to review each of them.

Author: Katya Babash

How to make your feed look attractive on Instagram: 5 secrets of creating a really cool feed

It's crucial, but somehow, many people forget or even don't know about it. Before taking photos and planning your feed, you should understand for what purpose you need Instagram and answer three basic questions

Author: Vladimir Kolesov

SMM for beginners: skills you need to have

SMM is about writing texts. You should be able to write a good deal: informational, entertaining, and educational posts as well as advertising posts for targeting. You must be able to express your thoughts in texts, write in a correct and literate manner, and, most importantly, you must be able to write quite a lot.

Author: Pavel Lurie

3 rules of creating a YouTube channel in 2021

We have developed a detailed guide to learn about all the nuances of creating a YouTube channel. Use this information to run a business channel or a personal vlog.