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6 min read

How to Delete or Unpublish a Facebook Business Page

You may need to delete a business page on Facebook for different reasons: the business has closed, or the account of a store has been changed, to name but a few.

7 min read

TOP Instagram trends in 2024: 2023 statistics and future forecast

Instagram is used by a billion people every month. 63% of people use Instagram at least once a day, and 500 million users watch Stories daily. On average, people spent 28 minutes a day on Instagram. Most likely, in 2024 this number will increase.

13 min read

How to Use IGTV - Everything You Need To Know in 2024

IGTV or Instagram Television allows you to diversify content on your account and attract new audiences. We are going to tell you how to run an IGTV channel on Instagram and how to make it useful for your business.

11 min read

Instagram Photos Size & Dimensions in 2024

After years of allowing only one orientation for photos and videos, Instagram introduced multiple other formats and orientations. These new features represent exciting opportunities for new content; however, navigating IGTV, stories, videos, and other posts can get tricky.

8 min read

What is Instagram going to be like in 2024?

If you want to boost your Instagram reach, you need to know which tools are working already, and which are going to work in the coming years.

4 min read

SMM promotion trends in 2024

The first trend is augmented reality. At the end of 2019, this tool started being implemented into different technologies and systems.

10 min read

150 Best Halloween Instagram Captions That Are Spooky and Funny

The highlight of October, Halloween provides endless opportunities for content creators to make dedicated Instagram posts: share costume ideas, quote favorite movies and songs, introduce limited-edition products, and encourage follower engagement. To complement and reinforce the visual aspect of your posts, you will require captions.

2 min read

Trends on Pinterest in 2024

Welcome one of the new formats on Pinterest — pins with several slides that look like stories feed — such posts raise total views, as Pinterest promotes them actively, and carousels can help you share guides or step-by-step instructions.

12 min read

10 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

How can you keep track of online conversations about your brand, and is there a benefit for your business? Luckily for those who are responsible for social media marketing, there are automated monitoring tools. These platforms make a great impact on the social media manager's job by providing insight, saving time, and informing marketing strategies.

4 min read

Instagram in 2024: trends, promotions, technologies

We can all witness how fast Instagram masks are developing in Stories. Companies started to look for promotional opportunities with the help of the masks.