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Want to Know How to Unhide Posts and Comments on Facebook? We Will Tell You Everything!

Facebook allows you to manage your data easily: you can choose what to show or hide. Given that, you always have the right to reveal all previously removed content from your timeline. How do I unhide a post on Facebook, you wonder?

Instagram Algorithm: How It Works & How to Beat It in 2021

Whenever a user decides to open Instagram and check their feed, a lot of content is already there. And every time, it's the Instagram algorithm that determines which posts would be interesting and relevant for the specific user in their Instagram feed.

Author: Vladimir Kolesov

7 effective advertising formats

Most often, mistakes and issues with targeting result from attempts to take the audience by storm, sell directly via advertising. However, there are different advertising options, different products, and different selling strategies.

How to tame your Instagram smart feed and increase your reach?

We know that not every follower sees every single post. The reason is very simple: the smart feed algorithm, a special algorithm applied on Instagram and other social networks. After you publish a post, it determines which of your followers would interact with this post.

Twitch Sub Count Overview: Tracker, an Analysis of the Top Streamers

Тwitch is a platform for streamers to share their content on various lifestyle topics live. Most users share video game gameplay and broadcasts of esports competitions. The platform also allows you to record streams.

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Brand tone of voice: why you need it and 5 steps to choosing one

In an information space crammed with advertising and all kinds of competing content, you can stand out by using a tone of voice. The right brand tone of voice can establish or strengthen an emotional connection with customers, ensure recognition and trust. In this article, we will explain what steps to take to find that unique pitch.

Author: Katya Babash

How to make a month’s worth of content in just 2 hours?

The first thing you need to do is create a content plan and draft the layout of your future posts. Despite a popular opinion, you don’t need to publish posts every day, i.e., you don’t need to make a list of 30 potential topics.

Author: Lilia Boyko

How to become popular on TikTok: trends, popular challenges, and video editing

To keep up with the trends, you have to spend at least one hour on TikTok. Once you notice a new trend, don’t hesitate to make a video – preferably on the same day or the following day.

How Can You Make Money on Instagram in 2021 if You Don't Have 10k Followers? Trusty Methods and Nano Niches

The number of Instagram users has sustained growth over the years and has already surpassed the 1 billion mark. Can you leverage this immense user base into a real, sustainable income? Yes, absolutely. But there are a few tricks to learn first.

Author: Ekaterina Zdanovskaya

How to turn off Instagram likes

The feature of hiding likes on Instagram has finally become available. The testing period for users in different countries has lasted for almost two years.