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Author: Damir Khalilov

8 Common Marketing Mistakes on Instagram

Here we will analyze the key mistakes when promoting an Instagram account. Why are they important? These mistakes can affect not only the present but also the future of your profile. Let’s go to the most important of them.

Author: Alyona McGrane

Instagram verification: why you need it and how to get it

No doubt, you have seen a blue checkmark next to a username in the accounts of celebrities, popular bloggers and brands. We will help you understand why it matters, what advantages it gives and how to get it.

Author: Alyona McGrane

Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2020

Find out the best time to post on Instagram to grow your engagement based on the day of the week, time of the day, your industry, target audience and other factors.

Author: John Newman

How to Post Videos in Instagram: Ultimate 2020 Guide

Instagram videos have become a popular marketing tool, and they are not as complicated as you might think. In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about Instagram video posts and stories. We’ll look into methods to optimize your video content, technical specifications, and how to operate this medium to achieve the best results.

Author: Alyona McGrane

Your Company's Social Media Checklist

As social media becomes the preferred medium for networking and attracting a customer or audience, having a strong social media presence is necessary.

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Author: Alyona McGrane

Facebook Cover Photos & Videos Guide: Size, Dimensions & How-To

If you want to use Facebook covers effectively, you need to abide by its guidelines. Learn the rules for Facebook cover photo size, best practices with examples, benefits of using the video format, how to use the cropping tools, and a lot more.

Author: John Newman

Instagram Shadowban: Everything You Have to Know about Shadow Ban in 2020

Developing your Instagram account requires a lot of time, creative ideas that will catch thousands of users’ eyes, and financial resources in the 21st century. It’s a common situation when, all of a sudden, the account activity and metrics fall. Mostly, it affects engagement and reach. This usually means that you are shadowbanned.

Author: Alyona McGrane

Instagram for business: the profile and visual identity of the account

We are going to tell you how to make the company’s profile stand out and why visual identity is important.

Author: Alyona McGrane

Main Onlypult updates in 2019

We have decided to recap last year results and have highlighted the main Onlypult updates. Make sure you are already using all the new features allowing you to work with social networks.

Author: Alyona McGrane

Increasing reputation on social networks: 10 content formats and 5 tips

Having seen a brand name for the first time a person still doesn’t know whether to trust it or not. According to the eCommerce Foundation report, 88% of users do their mini-research before a purchase – they google the company, look for profiles on social networks, and read reviews.

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