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How to get the first 1000 followers on Instagram: do’s and don’ts

In the Instagram promotion, gathering the first thousand subscribers is one of the most complicated tasks. In the beginning, without an audience, organic growth does not yet work for you, and you cannot simply rely on algorithms to do the job or do mutual PR. Various contests are not likely to work well either. How, then, do you get to the craved 1K?

What an editorial calendar is and who should use it

An editorial calendar often begins with an ambitious idea to structure all work and ends in less than a content plan. When working with these tools, it is vital to be clear about your goals and gradually build up processes within the team based on them.

Author: Vladimir Kolesov

9 blog formats on Instagram

Today we are going to review nine different formats of running a blog or page on Instagram. We will learn how these formats work and how to implement and mix them to make your account more engaging.

Author: Katya Babash

2021 Depositphotos visual trends

Depositphotos is one of the biggest marketplaces of visual content with a library of more than 190 million files. Depositphotos is sure to know what will be on-trend in 2021.

Author: Ekaterina Zdanovskaya

How to delete a Facebook account

A Facebook profile can be deleted either through a smartphone or PC. Let’s consider both methods.

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Author: Lilia Boyko

How to manage blogging hate: when haters go offline

Every blogger who has over 5,000 followers can have haters. Usually, such people write insults from fake accounts. They have several pages and use them to write nasty comments.

Author: Ekaterina Zdanovskaya

How to delete an Instagram account

On the surface, deleting your Instagram account is not so easy. The social network does not want to lose users, so there is an account freeze function as an alternative to permanently deleting the page.

The Importance of Instagram Videos - Best Hacks for the Business Profile

Instagram was a pioneer in visually-driven social marketing opportunities for brands. As such, it's no surprise that Instagram also helped pioneer a shift from image-driven marketing to video marketing.

Author: Vladimir Kolesov

Creating a Facebook business page: sections and formatting

Click on the Facebook icon to move to the main page of the social network. Facebook has groups as well as pages

Author: Katya Babash

Visual trends on Pinterest in 2021

“Before you see it everywhere, see it here” – that is how Pinterest started its article about trends of 2021. To be more precise, they don’t call them trends but not-yet-trending tendencies that are likely to become trends.