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5 min read

Micro landing page on Instagram: how to do it yourself

Social media are not always link-friendly — especially —Instagram. Users can get access to only one clickable link on their profile bio. But you want to share a website, contacts, blog, promotional pages, and much more.

3 min read
Author: Lilia Boyko

How to find your social media manager: qualification criteria, professional skills, and personal traits

Social media managers should know how to ensure the smooth operation of their team. A combination of creative thinking and analytical skills is in demand for it. Creative thinking is necessary for producing captivating concepts, finding new ways of promotion, emphasizing the company’s or blogger’s profile on social media, and making it an outstanding one among the competitors.

5 min read
Author: Vladimir Kolesov

How to make money on Instagram: 16 ways to monetize in 2022

You attract a certain amount of audience and start selling ads. You can promote other bloggers and some projects — it can be commercial advertising. You get paid for telling about something or someone. The main difficulty is attracting an audience. Secondly, it is vital here how loyal and active your audience is.

3 min read

Reels on Instagram: algorithm, topics, content plan

Explore Feed on Instagram features Reels. People who do not follow you yet can see your short less-than-a-minute-long video in their Reels Explore Feed. They may discover your account and start to follow

8 min read

Instagram shadowban in 2022: How to remove and avoid it

A shadowbanned Instagram account is like the life of Robinson Crusoe on a desert island: profile author posts content, but no one can see posts, stories, live broadcasts, and other activities. Only the most loyal fans who intentionally go to the profile to see what's new and why their favorite user is missing from the usual story circles can do it.

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4 min read

SMM promotion on TikTok: make a good start

The first step is to register an account and ensure you have basic things: an avatar and a short description. Choose one main topic that you will talk about and several related topics. Say, four is enough.

5 min read

How to use Instagram Reels for promotion

Reels are a new feature of Instagram, but nevertheless, they have already become one of the most popular and efficient formats of content.

3 min read
Author: Vladimir Kolesov

I do not feel comfortable when posting Stories: how to become more confident and love yourself

It is impossible to promote your account on Instagram without Stories effectively. If people know that Stories are necessary and help sell, promote, and increase loyalty, why does not everybody post them then?

10 min read
Author: Pavel Lurie

Top10 products and solutions for social media management

Any business, regardless of size, can manage audience loyalty and raise profits with the proper use of social networks. SMM services today provide tools that allow you to reduce SMM costs and, at the same time, influence the user's decision to purchase a product.

4 min read
Author: Vladimir Kolesov

New Instagram statistics will bring you followers

Instagram Statistics is available to all the users having either a business account or an account of an author. You need to link your personal Instagram account to Facebook. Right after that, you’ll get access to the statistics.