Mini guide to Instagram collabs: who are co-authors?

2 min read
13 April 2023

Instagram constantly develops; thus, companies and creators are the first to test new features.

Instagram Collabs has been one of the main features very widely used for shared posting. Publishing a Collabs post, any author may become a co-author for publications or reels of other users.

The essence of Instagram Collabs

An Instagram Collabs post will appear on both profiles, and more people will see it. It is the way to increase engagement and share your audience.

Companies may post ads in collaboration with celebrities or cooperation with other companies to share special offers.

It is how collabs appear on both accounts’ feeds

Some bloggers have their brands (like clothing, make-up, etc.) and use Instagram Collabs as a marketing tool to promote their products. They post shared content taking a brand account as a co-author.

Benefits of Instagram Collabs

New audience

Instagram Collabs post is shown on both profiles. This is a great way for creators to show products, services and creative resources to completely new audience.

High engagement

Reactions, views, and comments received via a profile of a co-author are taken into statistics and help increase the engagement rate most of the time.

Sales and collaboration

Instagram allows the creation of shared content with a purchase option. It means that lots of people will see the goods and will be able to buy the ones they like on Instagram Store.

How to be co-authors on Instagram

To create an Instagram Collabs post, do the following:

Step 1: Create a post. When tagging people or geo position, press the Tag people button.

Step 2: Select the Invite collaborator option.

Step 3: Find a user you want to collaborate with and tap their name. You can add several people as co-authors. But this makes sense only if you have agreed with the co-author upon the post being shown to their audience, as a co-author needs to accept this post first.

Step 4: Press the Done button.


How to accept an Instagram Collabs post

Easy like that: you will see an invitation in your messages and notifications.

As a co-author, all you need to do is to accept the invitation.