Social Media Marketing Guides

4 min read

The best posts on Instagram: what constitutes high-quality content

Instagram’s audience is becoming more selective. These days good photos and high-quality videos are not enough: you also need to couple them with interesting and engaging texts that won’t let your subscribers get bored. In this article, we have derived the main components of publications for Instagram: this should not be forgotten while preparing the next post.

19 min read

The Complete Guide to Instagram Stories

“Stories” are actively used for advertising, promoting personal brands and business. They help brands regain the public’s attention, attract new audiences, and publish promotions and news. Stories are like your own TV channel.

15 min read

Using a Telegram channel for business

Meanwhile, the majority of companies have their Instagram accounts, Vkontakte groups, Facebook pages or YouTube channels, very few of them still use Telegram for promotion. Let us tell you why it is never too late for creating a channel on this popular messenger.

5 min read

Ways of Instagram promotion

Instagram is one of the newest and fast-growing platforms, which already numbers over a billion users. Initially, it was a platform for posting photos, but then Instagram became one of the basic marketing tools in the world.

4 min read

Interested, I’m going: how to promote events yourself

Take a good idea, find a nice venue, gather speakers and print attractive flyers – half the battle if you have decided to create an event for many people. What is the other half like? Something not less nuanced – the ability to promote an event the way you can gather as many interested and right participants as possible.

6 min read

How to hold a contest in the Instagram

Business accounts on Instagram regularly hold various contests. This is the way to increase the number of your followers and to stimulate the activities of your audience. However, it’s not that easy to hold a contest on Instagram. If you do it wrong – your followers will be disappointed. Inaccurate rules and blurred photos will lower the response.

3 min read

How to use hashtags in Instagram

Hashtags are the key words that will make your search for some relevant content easier. Instagram uses hashtags for arranging posts for its users. The more precisely you use the hashtag – the easier it is to promote your posts and to expand your audience.

3 min read

Intro to Instagram for business

Many companies create Instagram accounts, but they don’t know where to start. We’ve prepared a simple guide for them.

3 min read

Nude photos on Instagram

One of our users regularly posts on Instagram photos of girls with different degree of exposure. Instagram doesn’t like such frankness. Regularly he receives warnings, and his photos get removed.