Product Updates

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Onlypult for Stories posting

Instagram Stories are a way to share additional content with subscribers, which do not take hours to create. Instant photos and short videos are с content formats, but your audience will feel bored pretty quickly. To catch the attention of your followers, you need a content plan for Stories, prepare it in advance and be creative.

8 min read

'Get the most of it' — how Onlypult Analytics helps to get the most helpful information from Instagram

Instagram continues to grow as one of the most popular social networks for all ages, countries, and brands. Its audience of active users exceeds 2 billion people per month, the engagement rate for each post reaches 1.16% (Facebook has only 0.27%), and 70% of users are ready to make purchases through Instagram.

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How to post reels with Onlypult

Reels are a low-cost way to promote yourself, but at the same time it is one of the most helpful tools. Viral videos appeal to the audience and raise loyalty to your brand. The high outreach of such videos shapes visibility and helps you attract new subscribers.

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Onlypult's New Analytics for Instagram

We have launched new Analytics for Instagram business accounts and content authors. This updated tool opens up new ways to obtain helpful information about your audience, helps to adjust and optimize your promotion strategy, and provides readable reports on the work done.

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5 tips for making micro landing pages visually attractive

Builder by Onlypult will let you create your own simple website without employing a team of developers. This option will be helpful for entrepreneurs that want to test hypotheses and to receive and analyze results as quickly as possible.

Onlypult — one control panel for social media
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Onlypult mobile for iOS. Version 2.4

In the new version of our mobile app, there is an option to preview posts before posting them on Facebook, a more user-friendly interface to create posts and add text, and other improvements.

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Summer, Sun, And New Release

Dear friends! Many new features are waiting for you in our Publishing and Builder! Let us tell you about them in detail.

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How to do labeling on an Onlypult account

The built-in functionality of social networks is limited, but there are additional tools that help to work with accounts. Onlypult labeling is one of these.

2 min read

iOS Mobile App. Version 2.3

Let us tell you what is new on our iOS mobile app.

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One more step to perfection!

In this Onlypult latest updates review, we want to tell you about new features in our mini-site Builder and direct Instagram gallery posting from Publishing.