November 2023: direct posting on TikTok, external link to the post

2 min read
30 November 2023

We’ve prepared some great features that you are sure to love. Spoiler: this is just a minor part of a larger plan in which we’ll be adding new content tools.

Direct posting on TikTok

Now, you can post your videos on TikTok directly. To do this, you need only to specify the desired method in the account settings of the platform.

Post videos on TikTok via Onlypult:

  • directly;
  • through the Drafts section;
  • by push notifications.

To upload a video, add an account to the platform and confirm your account link in the app and the Onlypult web version. Upload a video and post it, or schedule your desired time.

Warning! If you choose direct posting, you must re-log in to TickTock to grant permission to publish posts through the platform. It only applies to users who already have an account added to Onlypult. When adding new accounts, you can publish videos directly by default.

If your account is created in Russia, you cannot post content — it is a TikTok restriction and has nothing to do with Onlypult.

Viewing a post via an external link

You now have the option to share the post with colleagues and clients by sending them a link. They don’t need to log in to the platform or enter social media passwords.

Select the post you want and click on the Share button. After that, copy the link and share it with a colleague or client.

Go to the platform and try out the new features!