Onlypult Monitoring

2 min read
11 March 2020

Meet our new product – Onlypult Monitoring. Find out what people say about you on the internet.

Why do you need Monitoring?

Monitoring of social media allows tracking mentions of a brand, company, person, or topic on social networks, blogs, and forums.

This product may be helpful if you need to:

  • control the reputation of a company or a brand, track negative comments;
  • adjust your advertising campaign according to the received data;
  • find customers interested in your product;
  • monitor your competitor’s reputation and new brands;
  • increase brand recognition;
  • provide your customers with informational and technical support.

Monitoring is also useful to track hashtags and key search words that are helpful for your business.

How do you use Monitoring?

Any Onlypult Posting plan allows using Monitoring features but with some limitations as under the FREE plan. You can also buy a Monitoring plan, which includes additional features, if you go to the Plan section.

To make your first interaction with Onypult Monitoring easier, we have prepared a small checklist and a video.

  1. Go to the Monitoring section on the main menu of the website;

  1. Add a new topic and adjust the settings;

  1. As soon as you press Save, a data collection process will start. The first results will be shown within the next 10 minutes;

Start using Monitoring and track your brand reputation on the Web.