December 2023: Publishing Tool Update and Recurring Posts

2 min read
28 December 2023

We are constantly working on adding new features to make Onlypult even more convenient for our users. Several new ones are already available on the platform:

Making your first comment on LinkedIn

This option will be helpful if the text is large and you do not want to divide it into several posts or add hashtags. The feature is available for both Profile and Page.

Gallery previews for photos and videos on Telegram

We recently added the function of uploading multiple photos and videos to Telegram, and now we have added the ability to view a post on the platform. Even before publication, you will see what the post will look like. If you wish, you can change the order of the files.

Recurring posts

If you have posts to publish from time to time and the content does not change, then this function is for you.

For example, if many new users have joined your account, it is necessary to publish an introduction post. Or if you launch a promotion campaign, not to post stories every 24 hours, you can use the Repeat post option.

When creating a post or story, you can immediately schedule several recurring posts. To do this, when selecting a date and time, click the Repeat post slider and specify the period and number of publications. You can adjust the frequency on the right side of the time selection window: daily, weekly, and monthly.

You can delete all duplicate posts with one click.

Please note a few points:

  • Change the settings or remove the repeat option from the old post if you want to pause or change a pre-scheduled series of posts.
  • If you are editing an original post with multiple iterations scheduled, the changes will not affect past posts that have already been released — only future posts will change.
  • You can also remove one post from a repeat or the whole series of posts using the relevant option.