Social media customer service

Customer support represents the resources within your business that are aimed to enhance the customer experience. A big part of that is maintaining a consistent social presence by regularly posting valuable user-oriented content and being reachable across all platforms. Our social media management service can help you achieve those goals.

The benefits of a social customer care app

With high volumes of inquiries and multiple accounts to manage, a dedicated platform for social media management can help you:

Save time

Let your customer support team become a relationship-building service: take away the routine part of their jobs like manually sharing content across multiple social accounts and having to schedule new posts each day. With the extra resources and time on the agents’ hands, each customer is bound to get a more attentive approach.

Stay in touch

Sometimes even a short message that is promptly sent is enough to reassure the customer and increase brand loyalty. Use social customer service to access and manage accounts on all platforms, on your phone or from your laptop, wherever you are. Introduce managers to cover different time zones without having to give them login credentials.

Offer a personalized approach

Some customers prefer leaving an inquiry on Facebook, others would like to have the opportunity to DM you on Instagram, etc. Different clients expect different social support channels that are most convenient to them. Adapting to their particular, timely needs is a proven way to increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

Monitor the impact

Transparency can empower change, and knowing what exactly are your customers thinking about your brand is not just an industry trend - it is a necessity. Use the monitoring tools within the app to keep track of social mentions, or run a competitor analysis to stay up-to-date with what they offer.

Useful tools


Posting represents a unified interface where you can access all social media platforms, create manager profiles with customized account access for efficient collaboration, upload and edit images, and preview posts.


Builder lets you create simple landing pages with a few clicks and easy customization in case you need to gather customer feedback or add a short taplink-style page to the description of your social accounts.


Monitoring is designed to keep an eye on your brand mentions, pick the exact sources and keywords you want to observe, and do the same for your competitors to stay ahead of the market.


Streaming offers a solution that allows you to broadcast to multiple streaming platforms at once from one place, allowing you to increase distribution of your content without the additional cost for other services and marketing.

Как это работает

Start your free trial with Onlypult and add all the social accounts you have. If necessary, add manager profiles.
Schedule new posts and review the analytics dashboards to gain insight into what content performs best.
Customize the monitoring features to promptly respond to all inquiries or complaints.
Plan content a month ahead with the calendar and redistribute the freed-up resources to focus on customer care.

Доступные решения для каждого

Online businesses

We value our social media customer care unit, and Onlypult has helped us automate most of their routine interactions. An extended presence is important to us, so we use both the monitoring and the scheduling tools to keep all accounts active and responsive.

Tech support

Onlypult enabled us to constantly review all incoming customer inquiries to identify the most common problems, prepare step-by-step guides, slightly adjust and easily share them across all our social media platforms to lower the workload for our support agents.


As a telecom company owner, I realize that we have to be on the frontlines of our social media accounts, especially to let our younger customer reach us in their preferred way. Monitoring mentions and competitors allows us to stay on top of our game.

Useful service features

A Calendar for scheduling ahead


Bulk Scheduling

A Drafts section

A social media planner

An analytics section

Best-performing post selection

A built-in image and video editor

Data-based advice on the best publication times


Customer care teams cater to the needs of clients: resolve issues or answer inquiries, and can be reached by the customer themselves, via a call center or a social media account.
To keep the customer happy, you need to be available on a platform that is convenient to them, keep all the accounts active, and post helpful advice for the most common support inquiries.
Customer service is designed to make the customer feel heard and supported. A strong social media presence means both accessibility and transparency, which ultimately leads to a more trustworthy image for your brand.