User Agreement

Starting from the moment of your registration at all the relations between you and the Company shall be governed by this present User Agreement. We do not want to overwhelm you with legalese so we tried to make the text of our User Agreement as simple as possible.


  1. All the following words shall have the following meaning in this present User Agreement:

    1.1. Agreement – this present User Agreement of the Company. This Agreement governs the service terms and conditions, sets the rights and obligations of its users and the Company. This Agreement is permanently published at:;

    1.2. Company – LADNO Limited Liability Company (LLC);

    1.3. service – web-based app of the Company at:;

    1.4. Onlypult account – specific part of allowing its users to enjoy all the features and functions of this service;

    1.5. User – any user of service;

    1.6. Order – a request to the Company for providing paid-services at The Order shall mean that the User fully agrees and accepts all the terms and conditions of this present Agreement on purchasing the corresponding billing plan.

    1.7. Billing Plan or Plan – rates and prices published at, used by the Company for calculating the price of subscription as of the date of the Order.

  2. This Agreement is valid as of the date of its publication. The Company may alter any terms and conditions with no prior notice. The new edition of the Agreement shall be valid, unless stated otherwise, as of the date of its publication at:;

  3. This Agreement is a deal regulating the relations between the Company and the User. Using services means that the User has fully understood and accepted the Agreement and absolutely accepts the offer.
  4. Companies, private entrepreneurs and adult (of full age) natural persons may use services.

Company Rights and Obligations

  1. When accepting this Agreement – you show trust in our competence and get access to the services. We, as a Company, undertake to protect all the users’ personal data, to prevent its unauthorized access, misuse and disclosure.
  2. The Company and its service shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, unintentional damage (damage to goodwill included therein), as is solely a data tool.
  3. The Company has a right to send service (info, etc.) e-mails and In-App messages/notifications to the User.
  4. The Company shall not be liable for any content posted via on the users’ feeds, as well as for blocking their accounts on social networks.
  5. The Company at its own discretion and with no prior notice has a right to block the user’s access to the service.
  6. The Company with no prior notice has a right to limit the scope of functions of the service.
  7. Should and changes be introduced to this Agreement, the Company has an option either to notify or not the users of service of such changes.

User Rights and Obligations

  1. The User has a right to use all the functions and features of service and to make suggestions on improvements of service tools.
  2. The User shall not publish any content of illegal, offensive or pornographic nature, any content that may stir up hatred, violate the rights and interests of persons and companies, or the legislative regulations of the Company country of residence.
  3. If the content posted by the User breaches the rights of intellectual property, the User shall be solely liable for any such breaches.
  4. The User is fully liable for the content posted via service.
  5. The Company has a right to block and delete the user account if the actions of this user are classified as spam.
  6. If the user shall not further accept the provisions of the Agreement or cannot accept any revisions and updates of the Agreement, the User shall not continue to use service.

Orders and Refunds

  1. To create an Order – the User shall follow these steps:

    18.1. Choose Billing Plan at;

    18.2. Give all the data required at (such data shall be accurate and complete);

    18.3. Choose the most suitable way for you to make the payment and make that payment according to the guidelines for the specific payment method chosen by the User;

    18.4. The payment is complete when the Company receives it at its account. As soon as the Company receives the payment – the User and the Company undertake the obligations stated in the Billing Plan chosen by the User.

    18.5. If any third parties make any payments on behalf of the User, all the rights and obligations regarding such payment stay with the User. Should it be the case – any such actions of third parties shall be regarded as a favor for the User and shall not entail any further rights and obligations between such third parties and the Company.

  2. We offer free 7-day trial of service with a START Billing Plan to our new users. This offer is made in order to reduce possible refusals and refunds due to lack of any functional and/or technical capacities. The Company gives no guarantees that the service will completely satisfy all the users’ expectations and goals. To this extent, we do not do any refunds on the following: short/one-time failures in service operations that were removed by the Company; in situations when is no longer needed to personal or professional reasons; in satiation when you are switching to any other service/service-provider. We do hope you will enjoy your free trial!

Final Provisions

  1. This Agreement and any aspects that are not covered hereunder shall be governed and construed under the applicable laws of the Company country of residence.
  2. If the User and the Company have signed a contract with any provisions contradicting this present Agreement, then such contract shall prevail.

We will be happy to get your feedback on the service and to improve it together with you. If you have any questions or comments on performance, please, do not hesitate to drop us a line at [email protected] or contact us via online support.