What Facebook-related app users need to know

If you’ve recently updated your Meta account to a Meta work account, you’ll need to reconnect any previously connected Meta accounts in your Onlypult account. Any your previously connected Meta accounts will stop working if you don’t update them.

The following apps are affected:

  • Facebook Page
You have a 30-day grace period after you upgrade to a Meta work account to update your Onlypult account. Onlypult recommends doing this sooner, rather than later to ensure your accounts continue to work as normal.

Reconnect a Meta work account on Onlypult

Before reconnecting to your Meta work account, make sure it has the same permissions as the currently connected Meta account. Next, in your Onlypult account:

  • Go to Facebook Account Settings
  • Click button Reconnect
  • In a new browser tab or window will open. Follow the instructions to reconnect your Meta work account. Make sure to select your Meta work account during this process

If nothing happens when you select an app, try disabling your browser’s pop-up blocker. You may need to use the account switcher in the top right of the Facebook login window to select your work account from the dropdown menu.