8 Best Hootsuite Alternatives In 2024

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21 May 2024

With a range of features from scheduling tools to collaboration and in-depth - Hootsuite has solidified its position as one of the most popular social media management platforms, especially for businesses & agencies.

Even though everything seems perfect from afar, users like you often seem to deal with concerns like:

  • Ever-increasing price point
  • Works on per-user pricing
  • Asks users for an annual commitment

Am I right?

Well, the good news is that - there are many social media management tools available that work just as well as Hootsuite, and some are even better.

But before we go there - I would like to run you through the major problems most Hootsuite users are facing right now. It’s not just you!

Problems Hootsuite Users Are Facing

1. Inconvenient Customer Service

From constantly ignored emails and chats to longer ETAs - Hootsuite’s customer services take forever to respond and offer resolution.

One customer said, “They never bothered to check if we were happy with their service or even asked if we wanted to keep using it. It feels like we’re stuck in some kind of contractual hostage situation, forced to pay a ridiculous price for a service that barely accommodates our team.”

Moreover, others complained about their customer support team being too salesy and faced major hurdles when they went on to cancel their subscription.

2. Glitchy Platform

There have been major concerns regarding the frequent glitches of the tool where it ends up messing up even the live posts of the users. Apart from that, many users report issues with tagging profiles even after writing the exact usernames.

3. Unfair Contract Renewal

It has been a major concern of the users that the Hootsuite team has sent customers contract renewal requests without even asking them about their preferences.

4. Sudden Price Increase

Last year, Hootsuite hiked their plan prices by almost 128% - and, most users couldn’t just stand it.

One of Hootsuite’s users said, “I’ve used Hootsuite for a couple of years. As a scheduling tool, it’s ok. However, as many have commented in the past, they have recently raised their prices to a ridiculous level.”

5. Complex Account Deletion Process

Hootsuite users often complain about the complex account deletion process of Hootsuite as their navigational process is quite complicated. One of the users said, “It took me 6 months and $450 to close my account and hours spent on customer service.”

Solutions You Can Expect From Hootsuite Alternatives

If you go for Hootsuite alternatives, you can:

  • Get responsive and round-the-clock customer support
  • Automate time-sensitive promotional events and posts
  • Avail seamless cross-posting and multi-posting options
  • Enjoy separate workspaces for different clients - which are very easy to switch between
  • Streamline team processes using workflows and integrated notifications
  • Slash down your billing price by almost half

Best Hootsuite Alternatives to Consider

1. Onlypult

Onlypult integrates several tools for social media management - scheduling posts for 14 social networks, blogs, and messengers - Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Google Business, YouTube, TikTok, Tumblr, WordPress, Telegram, Pinterest, and Medium, advanced analytics, team collaboration within the platform, mini-landing pages and multi-links creation.

With built-in social media analytics, you can track all key metrics on the platform, customize the dashboard, share reports with colleagues and clients, and even create custom reports with branded elements.

One of the advantages of the platform is the teamwork feature. You can invite colleagues to manage your account, posts, and comments, share links to posts and workspaces for clients, discuss posts with the team, and view the history of changes.


  • Cross-posting and multi-posting
  • Post auto-deletion
  • Advanced built-in media editing tools
  • AI text generation
  • Stock media library
  • Visual drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Save geotags on your favorites
  • Unlimited scheduled posts
  • Mass uploading of posts
  • Drafts
  • Preview

Why Choose Onlypult Over Hootsuite

Beyond basic scheduling and monitoring like Hootsuite, Onlypult focuses on users who need strong content creation and management capabilities directly within the social media tool.

With it, you can schedule and post your stories on Instagram, schedule & automatically post galleries or Reels on Instagram, and schedule and post photos & videos on Instagram.

From ensuring post auto-deletion after a specific set time for time-sensitive content to equipping users with a built-in photo and video editor, and also full access to a stock library - you can avail of all these at a fraction of Hootsuite’s price.

G2 Rating: 4.5

2. Statusbrew

Statusbrew is very well-suited for agencies and start-ups, streamlining the management of multiple social media profiles with its user-friendly interface. It simplifies scheduling and engagement, offers separate workspaces for clients, and allows for real-time collaboration.

The platform also provides post preference, aiding in the refinement of social media strategies. With responsive customer support and easy publishing and scheduling features, Statusbrew ensures ease of use without a steep learning curve.


  • Individual workspaces for every client
  • Responsive customer service
  • Seamless onboarding & intuitive navigation
  • Streamlined approval process
  • Group profiling and team access control
  • Integration with various networks
  • Interactive reporting templates
  • Zero hidden charges with customizable pricing

Why Choose Statusbrew Over Hootsuite

Statusbrew stands as a superior choice to Hootsuite - thanks to its non-complex and cost-effective features. Unlike Hootsuite, which starts its Team pricing plans at $249, Statusbrew offers bundle pricing at $229 in the Premium plan, where eight users are included for the price of one.

This makes Statusbrew more cost-effective, especially for teams requiring extensive collaboration tools, similar to task or project management software such as Asana or Trello.

Besides, with over 25 filtering options that can streamline engagement processes significantly, Statusbrew takes over Hootsuite’s capabilities.

When it comes to analyzing data, Statusbrew provides an 18-month data backfill and advanced reporting tools that are customizable and detailed compared to Hootsuite’s offering which lacks data backfill and features lesser comprehensive metrics.

Last, but not least, Statusbrew’s user-friendly approach includes a no-contract policy, allowing users to try the service on a month-by-month basis, which contrasts with Hootsuite’s requirement for a credit card upon trial commencement.

G2 Rating: 4.7

3. Sprout Social

Recommended for agencies, mid-size, large, or enterprise - Sprout Social provides AI suggestions for creating social captions of your posts in a specific tone of voice. It assesses 16 weeks’ data of your audience data and ultimately suggests the seven best times to post for you.

With its analytics, you can measure your social ROI and benchmark your performance against the competitors. Besides, it also integrates with your CRM to give you a 360-degree view of every customer journey.

Moreover, Sprout’s social listening tool is more precise compared to that of Hootsuite. It helps you stay up-to-date by understanding what your audience thinks about you and your competitors. From discovering influencers you can work with to spotting trends earlier - the tool does it all.


  • Unified social inbox
  • Group, profile, and post-level reporting
  • Customizable feed
  • Spam and bot account identification
  • “SproutLink” link-in-bio tool
  • URL tracking to measure success in Google Analytics

Why Choose Sprout Social Over Hootsuite

Sprout Social happens to be quite a better alternative to Hootsuite because of its exceptional analytical features, social listening, and cleaner, and more user-friendly interface.

G2 Rating: 4.4

4. Sendible

Designed specifically for small businesses, agencies, and enterprises - Sendible happens to be a top competitor of Hootsuite.

Apart from providing a multi-column dashboard like Hootsuite, it also gives you a built-in image editor for creating top-notch social media graphics and advanced designs.

What is best about Sendible - is that you can never run out of content ideas as it provides suggestions via Google alerts.

You can also bulk schedule your content on Sendible and plan a month one sitting without repeating the process every day of the week.


  • Customizable posts
  • Built-in image editor
  • Mention alerts
  • Cross-posting feature
  • Smart queues
  • Co-branding opportunities for agencies
  • Custom approval processes

Why Choose Sendible Over Hootsuite

It offers the best of both worlds - Sprout’s single dashboard and Hootsuite’s multi-column dashboard and offers an extremely easy-to-use and navigable interface. Besides, Sendible offers a user-friendly setup, transparent pricing & customer support through live chat to be a better Hootsuite alternative.

G2 Rating: 4.5

5. Awesome Suite

Widely recognized for its scheduling and all-in-one social media management features, Awesome Suite is an efficient social media management tool that offers all the required features to control your social media A to Z.

Apart from giving us an easy-to-use interface, Awesome Suite makes day-to-day social media scheduling and real-time engagement a cakewalk for its users.


  • Effective management
  • Multiple platform management
  • Easy workflows for easy content planning
  • Multiple scheduling options
  • Advanced Instagram story scheduling
  • Easy team communication features

Why Choose Awesome Suite Over Hootsuite

If you are someone who manages multiple posting schedules for a number of channels - Awesome Suite can help you do that, unlike Hootsuite.

On Hootsuite, even though you can find a similar option, it is only limited to a single schedule.

Even when it comes to pricing , you can enjoy much flexibility with Awesome Suite compared to that of Hootsuite.

6. Agorapulse

Agorapulse has made a name for itself for covering a wide range of social media marketing tasks, from publishing, keyword monitoring, social media analytics, and social listening to community management. It’s one of the better tools out there by just how much ground it covers.


  • Dragon drop calendar
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Easy task, delegation
  • Unified Social inbox
  • 1:1 approval workflow
  • Notes addition in the calendar

Why Choose Agorapulse Over Hootsuite

The main difference, one can notice between these two is - Agorapulse’s collaboration and approval features that are more expansive and precise compared to Hootsuite. Next up, Agorapulse offers a more simplified design and viewing options compared to Hootsuite which makes it more user-friendly and easy to work with. Where it ultimately beats Hootsuite is by allowing users to add external contributors to view your assigned scheduled content.

G2 Rating: 4.5

7. eClincher

Recommended specifically for SMBs and agencies, eClincher is a social media marketing tool that helps businesses to maximize their social media impact. With features like an all-in-one social inbox, auto-posting, a built-in social media calendar, and superior monitoring and listening capabilities - it has capitalized as one of the most competitive Hootsuite alternatives.

If you are someone who manages individual posts or entire social media campaigns day-to-day, eClincher’s automated posting feature can help you by reposting your top-performing content and maximizing their engagement.

You can also manage your assets directly by connecting to your cloud storage provider within the platform itself. Thanks to AI, you can also get recommendations of content ideas, suggest responses, and even identify your optimal posting times.


  • Auto-Post with queues
  • Clean layout and organized menus
  • Post recycling to automatically republish evergreen content
  • Integrated social media management
  • Automated task assignments & progress tracking
  • AI sentiment analysis

Why Choose eClincher Over Hootsuite

As a popular Hootsuite alternative, eClincher offers social media management tools, tailored for businesses of all sizes, from small to large and even enterprises and franchises. Besides, the tool emerges as an excellent alter due to its simplicity and focused approach toward user experience.

G2 Rating: 4.6

8. Brandwatch

Brand happens to be one of the most effective and popular social media management software after Hootsuite. It offers a unified platform to manage both your organic and paid social media posts.

The best part? You can manage everything from a centralized inbox without having to juggle between multiple tabs every time.

With added features like social listening, and customizable dashboards, it makes analyzing social media metrics seamless and helps you make data-driven decisions.


  • Advanced inbound marketing tools
  • Fully feature platform with social analytics, social listening, and more
  • Includes a social support platform
  • Get access to an extensive range of content marketing features
  • Allows easier social media audience management
  • Offers more integrated Influencer Marketing features

Why Choose Brandwatch Over Hootsuite

What makes Brandwatch different from Hootsuite, is its Hashtag Analytics feature. It’s the perfect feature for those who are trying to increase their social media reach. Brandwatch helps you maximize your social media potential by offering exclusive features like Keyword Tracking, Brand Monitoring, and Influencer Identification.

G2 Rating: 4.1

Which Hootsuite alternative are you choosing?

The ideal Hootsuite alternative is the one that gives you the features you need, addresses you and your team’s pain points, and doesn’t make your money drain like water. I suggest testing it out yourself - go ahead, book a demo, talk to the team, and then decide. Make those dollars count !