How to Delete or Unpublish a Facebook Business Page

5 min read
15 February 2021

You may need to delete a business page on Facebook for different reasons: the business has closed, or the account of a store has been changed, to name but a few. The page can be deleted in a few clicks. After that, the changes are still reversible for 2 weeks, and then all your data will be deleted. It is often better to unpublish the account instead of deleting it. Unpublishing will hide the page from the visitors without removing the content. How to unpublish or delete a business account?

Delete Facebook Business Page: Desktop version

When the page is deleted, no option of saving the content and account activity is provided. This may be necessary when closing a store, changing groups, or due to other personal reasons.

To delete a page permanently, you need to:

  • Be an account administrator;
  • Open the page you want to delete;
  • Select an account to delete and open “Settings” in it;

  • Open the General page section;
  • Click the Edit in button in the Delete page line;

  • Click the Delete forever button;

  • Please note: the account can be restored within 14 days.

When asked to delete, the website will show the name of the account, for example, “Mill Meadow Eco-Homes”; make sure you delete the right account. After confirmation, the website may ask you to enter the password and a Google captcha.

The account manager can delete the page in a few clicks. Please be aware that Facebook will not notify the final deletion on the website or by email 14 days later. Within 2 weeks, the account will be available for viewing only by the administration of the group, meaning that it will not appear in the user search requests.

Delete Facebook Business Page: Facebook app | mobile version

You can also delete your account through the Facebook mobile app on smartphones using Mac or Android operating systems.

  • Open the application on your smartphone, log into your account;
  • Click the Menu icon. It’s located at the top right for Android and bottom right for Apple;

  • In the menu, you need to click the Pages button, then select the right account;
  • Click the three dots at the top right to open the menu;

  • Select the change Settings option in the menu;
  • Click the General button;

  • Select the Delete page option. Click the Delete [name] button;
  • Confirm deletion.

In case of wrong actions, the website also gives the users 2 weeks to restore their account. However, it will be permanently deleted once 14 days pass.

Deleting a page through a browser or a mobile application is equally easy for an account owner. Some problems may occur related to insufficient rights or the wrong password. The password can be recovered using a simple “Recover password” form when entering the application.

Things to remember when deleting a Facebook business page

The first important point to keep in mind when deleting the page is that only the group administrator can do this. Without administrator rights, Facebook will not allow you to delete the account.

Second, remember the consequences of deletion:

  • The page can be restored only within 14 days. After that it will be deleted permanently even from the service administration backups;
  • All content, all likes, and user interactions will be removed;
  • All backups will also be deleted;
  • The followers will lose this account in their subscriptions; the administrator will not be able to restore all the followers of the group;
  • It will be impossible to create a page with the same URL again;
  • The group’s private messages that were sent to followers will be saved.

Even support administrators cannot recover the data. It will be removed forever.

Up-to-date information and instructions can be obtained in the “Help” tab, upon the “How to delete a page permanently” request. There are also short answers to common questions. The English version of the site responds better.

Before deleting an account, it is important to make sure that the account has no advertising debts. Facebook processes financial issues within two weeks. If the ad was dated less than 14 days before the current date, you need to wait and check possible debts.

How to unpublish a Facebook Business Page

Published pages are visible to all users. Unpublished pages are visible only to those who manage the page. Hiding is different from deleting a page. When you permanently delete it, you lose the content, likes, user activity, and community followers, which can reduce the degree of user confidence in the brand. All of this will be preserved when the community is hidden. Unpublishing will hide all community data from followers and recommendations, but the administrator will be able to edit the account. You will not lose data, and you will be able to publish the page at any time.

You need to:

  • Open the Settings section on the page that you are going to delete;

  • Go to the General tab and select the Page visibility item;
  • Select the Page unpublished option;
  • Answer the suggested questions and confirm the action.

The website may require entering the password and passing a captcha. After that, the page will disappear from the search results and news feeds.

Now you know how to delete a business account through a browser and a mobile application. Besides, you are aware of the consequences and alternative solutions. We hope that this article can help you to delete your account if needed.


Before deleting a Facebook page, it is recommended to give your Instagram business account to another business manager or switch it to a personal account. Deleting your Facebook business account will not affect your personal Instagram accounts.

Without an account password or administrator access, you can delete the page as follows:

  • Go to the page you need;
  • Click on the Menu icon (three dots) under the avatar;
  • Select the Complain option;
  • Describe the reason as a violation of intellectual property, describe in detail your reasons for deleting your account in detail.

You should wait for the support service decision. If the reason is insufficient, the service may reject the request for blocking. This method works well if the creator and the administrator of the page are no longer on staff, and the page has to be deleted.

You can complain about any page; the support service is obliged to sort out all complaints.

You can unpublish a business page on Facebook or permanently delete your account with just a few clicks. We have given you a clear algorithm of actions and the answers to the most frequent questions.

When you delete a page from Facebook Business Manager, you only delete it from there. After that, you will need to delete your account using one of the methods described above. Please make sure that your account has no advertising or promotion debt.

The most likely reason is that you are not an administrator. If that is the case, you will not be able to find the “Delete page” button, because it is available only to the administration.

The same goes for duplicate accounts. You must have administrator rights for the page to be deleted. Make sure you have removed your account from Facebook Business Manager.

If you clicked “Delete page”, and it remains published after 2 weeks, it may mean that another administrator canceled your action.