Instagram Reels: 7 Ideas for Content

3 min read
6 July 2022

Reels are a great tool to promote your account on Instagram — here are 7 ideas for Reels — take them on!

1. Acquaintance

Give facts from your professional and private life —tell shorty and easily about who you are, how old you are, what you can do, what your hobbies are, what books you like, etc. People who are interested in what you are doing and share the same interests will become your followers.

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How to use Instagram Reels for promotion

Reels are a new feature of Instagram, but nevertheless, they have already become one of the most popular and efficient formats of content.

You can provide new facts to your followers — you will attract new people and raise the loyalty of your existing audience.

Use popular music and do leave call to action, like: ‘follow me’ or ‘tell about yourself in the comments’.

2. Easy and quick solutions

Think of some life hacks for your business area — and do not fail to tell about them on reels and create short videos about your product and the ways to use it.

For example, how to dye your shoes, wipe the French blinds quickly, steam off your trousers, etc.

If you are a life coach or therapist, tell people how to cope with anxiety, and if you are teaching foreign languages — tell your audience about the ways to memorize new words or give standard phrases for specific situations to learn.

3. Figures and facts

We all like exact numbers and comparisons, for example, the number of consultations held this week, or quantity of products sold, or the growth rate of the channel for the last month.

It can be a good idea to not only tell but also to support your words with visual means, say screenshots, for specific products and numbers.

4. Reviews and recommendations

People like to watch somebody else shopping — thus, making reels with your purchases can ring the bell —you can show the books, kitchen apparel, or new plates, or try on your new dresses or jewelry.

If you have purchased something you really like, recommend that on reels — because videos like that are in high demand among Instagram users and usually get lots of comments.

5. Remixes

If a video is getting more popular, you can try shooting its remix: for example, you can make it a joke with a fun and surprising ending, e.g., a scenario for your reels could be: a girl is making waffles on camera, using bananas only, you are trying to do the same, but nothing works out.

6. Repetition

You can repeat your favorite reels —it is the way trends and challenges are born: go through your Reels feed regularly, save popular ones, and shoot something alike, when you are up to that.

You can also think about adjusting some trends to your sphere of business — maybe some of the issues voiced in trendy reels are also interesting to you?

7. Your feed

Go through your most popular postings and archived stories with the highest engagement and see what they are about —these are topics your followers like —why not try making reels of them?

You can attract much more attention from your followers, if you tell them about your professional topics in various formats.