Stories formats: how to vary stories on Instagram

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30 June 2022

Bad stories

Your stories are bad if:

  • the same format continues for more than two stories;
  • there is no accompanying text;
  • text covers the picture;
  • text is unreadable;
  • poor quality shooting: against the light in the daytime, poor lighting in the evening, everything is rippling and not visible;
  • you strive for the ideal and post stories with lots of filters and work on them for a long time. It is a short path to burning out and getting tired of shooting.

Your stories are good if

  • Each new story shows a new picture. Even if you make it in the same place, take another shooting angle;
  • they are accompanied by a readable text;
  • a long video is shown by a timelapse;
  • show yourself in full growth;
  • use the wide-angle camera on your phone;
  • do not abuse the “talking head” format;
  • enliven the picture by showing the world around you in a story;
  • use collages: you can add them to the interface or use applications (for example, InShot). Such collages can be used to interact with the audience: ask subscribers to choose one of two photos;
  • publish short videos using the ‘boomerang’ effect. You can create a ‘boomerang’ with drinks or yourself opening the oven while cooking something delicious. Such a video will mix up more traditional content;
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I do not feel comfortable when posting Stories: how to become more confident and love yourself

If people know that Stories are necessary and help sell, promote, and increase loyalty, why does not everybody post them then?
  • shoot in slow motion;
  • write text on a plain background;
  • publish your correspondence with subscribers in stories — it shows the audience you are reading their messages — even if you have a big blog and do not answer every DM. But just like them — this is a great way to firstly make your audience understands that you have a great response to stories. Secondly, you agree that the topic was catchy and appreciate every answer. The person will be pleased to answer next time because the reply is likely to get in your story;
  • publish screenshots of sites where you got mentioned — it shows your expertise;
  • repost the stories you are tagged in;
  • publish memes on the topic of your field or just as entertainment content. If you sell something, the difference between Instagram and an online store is that on Instagram, it is necessary to build a trusting relationship with potential buyers — people come to Instagram to chat and have fun;
  • publish reposts of your posts to stories. Whatever you post on the feed, you need to share it in stories to let your audience know you have a new post. There are always people who scroll the feed, and there are people who only watch stories;
  • develop your own design style: corporate color and font.