You can always change the plane you have chosen at any time. You can both upgrade and downgrade your plan.

You can upgrade your plan (for example, from SMM to AGENCY) at any time. Just go to the Plans page, select the relevant one and the system will calculate the difference automatically. To upgrade your plan, please follow these steps: (1) pay the difference between the plans until your plan expires; (2) then you can additionally extend your new plan as soon as it is activated.

If you need to downgrade your plan (for example from SMM to START), just wait for your current plan paid period to expire and select another plan when making the next payment (if you need to downgrade your plan right now and you cannot wait, just contact our Support team).


Your current plan is START and you want to upgrade it to SMM.

Your current plan is active till February 15th, 2019, and today January 10th, 2019.

1) Choose the SMM plan on the Plans page and when you make your first payment within for upgrading to the SMM plan till February 15th, 2019 (thus, your plan will be changed to SMM after the payment is made, but it will be active till February 15th, 2019).

2) Next, you can extend your SMM plan to the next month, half a year or year.