This can happen, if Instagram marked this post as spam due to its content or because you posted too often (more than 1 post per 5-10 minutes). Generally, there may be several reasons and all of them may be quite unclear because Instagram does not show us any errors when a post is deleted.

From our experience, here are the possible reasons:

  1. Posts were published too often.

  2. The content of the posts was the same (the same image, text, and/or hashtags).

  3. Posts included banned hashtags or too many mentions. Very often you can just mention some of the blocked users, and Instagram will easily mark the whole post as spam.

  4. The account has few posts. The requirement related to that the account must have at least 5 posts to be added to Onlypult relates to this very matter. If you add an “empty” account to Onlypult, the first posts are often marked as spam. It is not a rule and it does not always happen this way, but it is always better to take precautions.

If nothing of the described above looks like your issue, please contact us.

Important: if a post disappeared from the schedule, but at the same time it is not shown on Onlypult feed on the Instagram tab, it is possible that the feed was not refreshed yet – refresh the tab for several times to exclude this reason.