10 social media benefits for relationships

4 min read
27 March 2019

Due to social media, it is much easier to meet people now. Grandfathers and grandmothers of the 21st century will be talking to their grandchildren like this, their eyes filled with tears of nostalgia:
— How did you meet?
— Oh, it was romantic. He/she gave me a like and that all started! ❤️

But if we continue this way, we will have just Tamagotchis and cloud storages in the near future instead of grandchildren, howeverб it is not really important. Today we are focusing only on benefits, ok? Let’s be positive.

Benefit #1

Just go to the page of a person you like and you will learn everything about him/her in a few minutes: favorite music, favorite food, what he/she dreams about, the location of the gym he/he goes to. You can also see what his/her apartment and pets look like. And you can do it without attracting attention, just looking through the feed and some pictures.

Like a post, write a short comment — and you are already messaging each other.

Benefit #2

The distance is not an obstacle for loving hearts anymore. Does anything really matter if you are in China and your soul mate is in Australia if you use high-speed internet?

Social media help be in touch all day and all night giving us the illusion of ongoing communication. You really appreciate that you do not live in the time when you had to wait for a new letter from your sweetheart for months. However, it definitely had a certain charm.

Benefit #3

You can communicate, flirt, share your impressions and do something else at the same time feeling someone else’s support 24/7. You can even make an erotic selfie and send it to your loved one who is stuck at a business meeting. But note that the whole board of directors can see it occasionally, such situations really happen sometimes. So, be careful with it, please.

Benefit #4

No stress for you. You always know where your fiancée is and what he/she is doing at the moment. For example, here he/she is sitting at the bar with three blondes. And the picture is captioned: “Baby, this is photoshop!”

Benefit #5

You can let your friends, relatives, and even the whole world know that you are together. You can even do it without tagging someone — just post a picture on Facebook or Instagram of you and your sweetheart cuddling each other. Your mother will call you in 10 minutes and ask when you are going to get married.

Benefit #6

Do you shy away from hinting your partner that you want a gift for the coming anniversary? It does not really matter that you have known each other for 3 months, this is also a memorable date. Start posting nonstop the pictures of diamonds and sea views, or videos with children getting puppies as a present. Do not forget to add sad smiley emojis. Make sure that your partner sees your posts and gives them likes. Wait.

Benefit #7 (showy)

Your soul mate spends much time online? Create a perfect newsworthy event — make a proposal live. Let his/her followers feel beside themselves of excitement. And it will cost you really nothing.

Benefit #8

You can create a joint profile and even post a joint profile picture. Let everybody feel envious about you being so close. Do not forget to combine your names like the Brangelina of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It looks beautiful, exotic, and intimate.

Benefit #9

Every day you can make poems to prove your deepest feelings and post them so that everybody could see them. First, is there a better way to show them to the public? Second, many of us like everybody to see we are loved. We cannot blame you for that, we like it ourselves.

We think that “lovey-dovey” is the best rhyme ever.

Benefit #10

You will be the first to know about your partner’s new admirer. You will learn about him/her when you see someone liking and commenting on posts of a decade ago.

To stop you from feeling sick of this “sweet vanilla” article, we promise you to write about 10 social media disadvantages for relationships soon.