10 Social Media Selling Video Ideas

3 min read
25 March 2021

Social media video requirements

  1. Ensuring at least the minimum video quality. The light and sound in the room should be good. Even if you are recording a video on a smartphone, you must have a tripod, a stand. There should be no blurred pictures.

  2. Duration. It’s still better to shoot short videos for Facebook, VK, and IGTV. At the same time, the videos with a duration of up to a minute are less efficient. They can only work if it’s some kind of a short announcement or a trailer. In general, the optimal duration for these platforms is about 1.40 - 5 minutes. But for YouTube, the situation has changed: numerous shows and blogs have trained the users to watch longer formats. Moreover, on YouTube, a person expects a YouTube video to have value. Therefore, it is recommended to make videos lasting 5-15 minutes on YouTube.

Social media video categories

Let’s take a look at the top key video content formats.

Product Reviews

You present a service or a product: its features and how it works. If you shoot a review on a specific service, you should talk about its benefits, application, and practical use.

Product test

You show a product in use, in action, test it. The tests can be different. There are extreme tests where you hit a car with a sledgehammer to show how tough it is. Besides, the tests can be close to reality: for example, you show how a particular building material works.

Product comparison

That involves comparing different product lines. Another option is comparing your product to the ones of your competitors.


You are giving a workshop focused on ways to use your product, or maybe a general one covering some client pains.

Selection guide

A safe bet is a guide of your choice. You shoot a video and give your advice on choosing an apartment, a sheepskin coat, a tour, or a winter vacation destination. People always need a guide to make better choices.


These are customer feedbacks about your product.

Case study

This video format is similar to reviews. For instance, your interaction with a client: how you helped the client cope with pain, problems, and challenges.

Case studies represent an important and interesting format. It allows you to show a personal approach, and the clients can relate to this case based on their situation. It becomes clear to people that you have multiple customers, and these customers are satisfied. It makes sense to record screencasts (recording what is happening on the computer) if you have complex functionality.


You are interviewing a person attractive to your audience. It could be an interview with an employee or with a client.

Answers to frequently asked questions

If you often come across a question on a topic, make a separate video and name it accordingly.

Targeted videos for audience segments

The next one is a video for specific target audience segments. Each segment has its goals, characteristics, and issues. Divide your target audience into segments and shoot a video for each of them.