10 tips on how to start a YouTube channel in 2024

4 min read
21 January 2024

Tip 1: create videos not about what you like but what users are looking for

It may seem that things that you enjoy are attractive to everyone. But this is not true, and it might be interesting only for a small group of people.

Even if the topic of your video is catchy to a large number of people, but the small number of users search for it on the Internet, on Google, on YouTube, then at first, when your channel is developing, it is not worth using it to create content.

It is necessary to do a little research before creating a video and find out what people are interested in and what fits your topics.

Tip 2: no vlogs

It’s a big mistake to create vlogs and expect that a large audience will like them. Such videos will only be attractive to your friends and relatives because no one else knows who you are yet.

Tip 3: write scripts

They are really helpful. To create a good video, you need a rough structure. Sometimes you can peer into the script while shooting and expand your idea. Peeping helps you to stay concentrated and not forget anything.

Tip 4: purchase vidIQ

Free vidIQ is a great tool. It is worthwhile to deal with it and understand how it is working. But the purchased version makes it easier to download videos.

Of course, you can do everything yourself, for example, find hashtags and tags. But what is more important, thanks to vidIQ, you can analyze competitors and other videos similar to yours. The tool will help you see the number of views of different users’ videos, engagement rates, what tags they use, etc.

Tip 5: learn editing hotkeys

YouTube beginners may not afford to hire a professional editor, and it is better to learn the basics of video editing. And hotkeys will speed up your work many times over because doing everything using the mouse takes a lot of time.

It is better to edit the video from the end — because the best shots of the “talking head” format come last the most often.

Tip 6: make video covers

YouTube covers are essential. Your face should be on the front (so people will click on it more often), and it should be bright. Nobody wants lovely YouTube covers.

You need to start with covers that catch an eye so that a person just wants to click on them. If the front is a bit provocative, asks a question, or has something catchy — it will work better. Also, always check YouTube aspect ratio.

Tip 7: publish a video at least once a week

Nothing is more crucial to YouTube than consistency. If you abandon the channel for six months or a year, and that’s it, you will lose all the dynamics of growth and views.

Therefore, if you decide to start a channel this year, then give yourself a promise that you will create and publish videos consistently, at least — for a year. Let it be a small, short, not perfect video. Just let it out. Teach yourself not to miss deadlines and develop your YouTube channel regularly.

Tip 8: shoot several videos at once

Recording many videos at one time is an important tip. This way, you will always have videos to publish in advance. And by the time you know that you are running out of content and there is nothing left to share, you can finish creating a new one.

Tip 9: add tags, create playlists and end screens

Do whatever YouTube wants you to do. The tips that pop up, the description under the video, the title, and hashtags — these things are crucial for the channel.

Why add videos to playlists? It will automatically show your videos one by one so that users will see your content but not the video of your competitors or other more successful YouTubers.

Tip 10: make high-quality audio

Sound is more important than video. Although YouTube is a video platform, audio is more important. If you doubt spending your money on a new lightning tool or a new buttonhole — buy a buttonhole.

It is not enough to buy a single buttonhole; you still need to connect it and configure it. Ask someone to help you. If you don’t hear a difference in the sound quality, ask your friends whether they hear the difference or echo.

Not everyone can hear the difference between a good sound and a bad sound. Nevertheless, on a subconscious level, people will understand that “something is wrong.” They will feel uncomfortable and close your video.