How to get the first 1000 followers on Instagram

3 min read
13 May 2021

When you get the first thousand followers, it becomes easier to develop your profile, advertise, and promote. The first thousand followers are like social proof that people are following you for a reason. It’s easier than when you have only 50 followers, for example. In this case, even if the users enjoy the content, they will most likely not follow you because they will think that 50 followers are not a big number. Therefore, your main goal is to get the first 1.000 followers as quickly as possible.

Account visual part

You should hide inappropriate posts from your profile. You can keep memorable photos and important posts, but all unnecessary content must be deleted. Imagine new people coming to your profile; they know nothing about you. What impression will your posts give to the users?

Make sure that the last 10 posts look nice. Change your profile header; you should make it helpful to the audience visiting your page.

You can choose the same filter to make your latest photos look alike. Post photos with different angles: from afar, close-ups, in different positions, selfies. You can add not only pictures of yourself, but also of the city where you live.

Mutual PR

Start looking for people for mutual PR.

You need to find people who also want to develop their accounts and try to exchange Stories with them. In a Story, you can tell the followers that you know an interesting person covering specific topics. The other person must do the same PR for you.

It’s great if you do mutual PR with 5-6 people. This way, you will exchange followers. You will be able to gain a wider audience.

Interviews with big bloggers

After about three posts are published, you can start searching for larger accounts. Let’s imagine that you have 300 followers. You can find an account with 3.000 – 10.000 followers; try to invite them to do an interview. Make announcements of your interview — one day in advance and one hour before the start. The interview is a double live stream with another person. Not everyone will agree to participate in this kind of activity, but if you text 10 people, most likely 1-2 of them will agree. So, you will get a little bit of traffic from their accounts.

Purchasing ads from bloggers and targeting

After all these steps, after you have published 10 new posts, you can find bloggers and purchase the promotion from them. Find cheaper ones – up to 1.000 rubles.

Your task is to purchase several promotions to get up to 1,000 new followers.

Before the promotion starts, you can set up targeting for your posts that are already published. Never get fake likes because your account can be banned for that, and do not participate in the giveaways.

Spend some money on targeting, get likes right before the promotion starts so that when it happens, your account will already have social proof. Following this strategy, your chances to get the first thousand followers in a month or two are high. Later on, it will be easier for you to develop the account.