12 ways to attract customers and increase sales

3 min read
12 August 2020

1. Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising is the most effective source of customers. You set targeting options according to users’ interests, define your audience, and configure banners and ads. Then, Instagram shows them on the user’s feed or stories. This is how you get clients.

2. Contextual advertising

Another way to attract customers is to use contextual advertising: Google Adwords, Yandex.Direct, etc. It is more complicated to set contextual ad options then targeting one. Nevertheless, you can use it to handle particular customer requests. Besides, this type of ad is useful for retargeting and remarketing.

When your advertisement was seen, for example, through Yandex.Direct or through targeting ads, and the person visited your website, you can use retargeting to show ads on platforms that work with Google and other services.

3. Instagram

When you do not purchase advertising through Instagram, you buy bloggers’ promotion. The main disadvantage of this kind of promotion is that it is difficult to cooperate effectively and with micro-bloggers and scale such cooperation. On the other hand, the advantage of this type of cooperation is that now it has one of the highest payback rates: you invest one ruble but get a chance to gain five rubles.

4. Personal brand

It is a long way because you cannot sell products from the start —you can sell things after establishing your brand. But the impact of this method is even higher. It is a useful way, but before using it, you should prepare your Instagram profile.

5. YouTube

YouTube is one of the main channels “to warm up” audiences and introduce your activity. It is not a paid promotion but organic traffic. Unlike Instagram, where you can buy promotion to develop your profile, you do not have to pay for advertising on YouTube, at least before you get to a certain point. YouTube is a platform that offers an opportunity to grow organically. Sure, it is more complicated to do, but if YouTube likes you, then you will get organic and (conditionally) free traffic.

6. Public performance

You can perform and speak both online and offline on other platforms: you can speak at someone’s conference, seminar, webinar, and, thus you get a platform and an audience.

7. Networking

Networking is your participation in some activities, official or non-official meetings. But to engage people, you should prepare a captivating presentation as well as have proper self-presentation skills.

8. Word of mouth

If you invest your time and money in a high-quality product, then, as cliché as it sounds, your customers will recommend you to other people.

9. SEO

Another source of customers is SEO, i.e., texts.

SEO is a very complicated and long-lasting process, but as far as it finished, it works really well. So if you invest your resources in high- quality articles (not just rewritten or translated from other languages ones) adding tags and hashtags, such texts will be on top of Google search results. Thus, people will read your articles and purchase your product.

10. Partnerships programs

You make a deal with colleagues of the niche within which you do not compete directly. So they can promote you, and you can promote them. You should agree on a partnership commission, and then they create a mailing list or publish a piece of content to introduce you. So, when you get a new customer, you pay the commission, but you gain money as well.

11. Mass media

You agree with mass media on publishing your articles. PR on mass-media is the long-term perspective for you.

12. Warm calls

Exactly, warm calls, not cold ones. You should call your previous customers and people that participated in any of your activities, both paid and free ones.